05.28.12 — Tongue Twister

Monday, May 28, 2012 — Memorial Day

Puzzle by Kurt Mueller / Edited by Will Shortz

TONGUE TWISTER (53A. The starts of 20-, 29-, 36- and 46-Across, e.g., when repeated quickly in order), e.g., RUBBER BABY BUGGY BUMPER, found in RUBBER CHICKEN (20A. Stereotypical entrée at a campaign event), BABY BOOMER (29A. One born in the late 1940s or ‘50s), BUGGY WHIP (36A. Item carried by an Amish driver) and BUMPER CROP (46A. Farmer’s wish), constitutes the interrelated group of this light-hearted Monday crossword.

Other — BOOTIES, EMOTION, EXURBAN, NEBULAE (2D. Interstellar clouds), PET NAME (11D. Honeybunch or snookums), ROCK SOLID, SUPER NOVA (34D. Luminous stellar explosion), THE ROAD, TRIBORO, UP TEMPO.


Short stuff — AARP, ALA and ALF, AMOR, ANG Lee, “… blackbirds backed in A PIE”, ARE, BIG, BAP and BOP, BUT, CAB, CBS, DAD, ENT, EPA, ERIE, EYED, HEP, HUN, IMAC, IMO, IRE, LEW, MEA culpa, NASH, NEO, “I‘m ON IT!”, “Alley OOP!“, RAG and RAH, SINO, SNO-Caps, SOD, SOPH, SRS, TAS, TUBA, UBI, WILT, WYO, Gen XER.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Suffix with differ; 4. Early American patriot Thomas; 9. Speedy; 14. Gen ___ (child of a 29-Across); 15. Capital of Jordan; 16. “William Tell,” for one; 17. Where: Lat.; 18. Land that’s not inland; 19. Gave a speeding ticket; 23. It’s transfused in a transfusion; 24. Brits’ thank-yous; 25. ___ carte; 28. Powerful D.C. lobby; 33. Prefix with conservative; 34. ___-Japanese War; 35. Lerner’s songwriting partner; 39. Way under priced; 42. Ogled; 43. Nothing ___ the truth; 46. Farmer’s wish; 49. 10th grader: Abbr.; 51. Cheerleader’s cheer; 52. Authorized; 58. Protein acid, for short; 60. U.C.L.A. athlete; 61. “If you ask me,” in texts; 62. Sainted ninth-century pope; 63. Daily reading for a pope; 64. Clean air org.; 65. Orange soda brand; 66. “Sailing to Byzantium” poet; 67. Roll of green? — DOWN: 1. Beyond the metro area; 3. ___ Bridge (former name of New York’s R.F.K. Bridge); 4. Walked back and forth; 5. Love personified; 6. Apple computer; 7. Poet Ogden; 8. Thing; 9. Absolutely dependable; 12. Rage; 13. Annual June honoree; 21. Jazz style; 22. Taxi; 26. ___ Alcindor; (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, once); 27. Live and breathe; 29. Gargantuan; 30. Taiwanese-born director Lee; 31. Charles of “Algiers,” 1938; 36. Protestant denom.; 37. Cheyenne’s home: Abbr.; 38. Cool, in old slang; 39. “___ News Sunday Morning”; 40. Attila, for one; 41. Love or rage; 43. Wee ‘un’s footwear; 44. Lively, in music; 45. In phrases, something to share or hit; 47. Dishcloth; 48. A little on the heavy side; 49. 12th graders: Abbr.; 52. Rosé s, e.g.; 55. Great Lake between Huron and Ontario; 56. Heavy instrument to march with; 57. Lose freshness, as a flower; 58. 1936 candidate Landon.

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