05.19.12 — Never A Winner

Garbo in a publicity still for Susan Lenox (1931)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. One with a coat of many colors, CALICO CAT; 10. Asian sea name, ARAL; 14. Girl group with a 1986 #1 hit, BANANARAMA; 15. “Si, mi chiamano MIMI” (Puccini aria); 16. Like telescopes, ASTRONOMIC; 17. The Olympic Australis, e.g., OPAL; 18. Unlocked?, SHORN; 19. 1977 Paul Davis hit that spent 25 weeks in the Top 40, I GO CRAZY; 21. Negligible, TINY; 22. Rubber, GALOSH; 24. Old man, POP; 25. “ANY Time,” 1952 million-selling Eddie Fisher hit; 26. Solitary places, JAILS; 27. IVANA Humpalot, Austin Powers villain; 9. Pro FORMA; 30. City NNE of Toledo, MADRID; 31. Game in which players offer a few words, MAD LIBS; 34. Swingers hit on them at parties, PINATAS; 35. Manila airport name, AQUINO; 36. Like hurricane weather, GUSTY; 37. Punishment, metaphorically, LUMPS; 38. Bill who composed “Gonna Fly Now”, CONTI; 39. Big trap, MAW; 42. CBer’s place, CAB; 43. “Clamshell” computers of old, IBOOKS; 45. Kennedy Center happening, GALA; 46. First, second and third, ORDINALS; 48. Historic D.C. theater, FORDS; 49. Beast fought by Heracles, LION; 50. Donning, as loafers, SLIPPING ON; 53. Gloom, MURK; 54. Chilling, HANGING OUT; 55. Short winter day?, XMAS; 56. They may be heard in a temple, ORGANISTS.

Down — 1. Redeem, CASH IN; 2. Second Triumvirate member, ANTONY; 3. David with a role for himself on TV, LARRY; 4. Muscle IN ON; 5. Junk, CAN; 6. California’s Montaña de ORO State Park; 7. Duchess of Cornwall, CAMILLA; 8. Mates, AMIGOS; 9. Dishes eaten with the hands, TACOS; 10. Topic for Catullus, AMOR; 11. Shred, RIP APART; 12. Rain forest region, AMAZONIA; 13. Resting spots by the water, LILY PADS; 14. “Stop!” overseas, BASTA; 20. Pasta go-with, CHIANTI; 22. Four-time Oscar nominee (never a winner) in the 1930s, GARBO; 23 Motivators, AIMS; 26. Doesn’t merely observe, JOINS IN; 28. Heady time for soldiers, V-DAY; 29. Rapid turnover, FLIP; 30. They’re hard to see through, MISTS; 31. Organization of Afro-American unity founder, MALCOLM X; 32. School house?, AQUARIUM; 33. Comic strip that Chic Young abandoned to create “Blondie”, DUMB DORA; 34. No-goodnik, PUNK; 36. Touching bottom?, GOOSING; 38. Pet peeve?, COLLAR; 39. Herbert Henry Asquith’s socialite wife, MARGOT; 40. ALDOUS Snow, Russell Brand’s character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek”; 41. “WASN’T That a Time?” (Weavers album); 44. Poet credited with popularizing haiku, BASHO; 45. They may be heard in a temple, GONGS; 47. Signs, INKS; 48. Done, in Dunkirk, FINI; 51. Wanamaker Trophy org., PGA; 52. Jewelry box item, PIN.


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