05.04.12 — Jaws of Life


Friday, May 4, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

A dozen ten-letter answers are featured in this cozy Friday crossword:

JAWS OF LIFE (5A. Emergency extractor)
EARLY RISER (16. No night owl)
WHIRLYBIRD (18A. Eggbeater)
RUBBER SOUL (50A. Follower of “Help”)
ODER NEISSE Line (international boundary) (54A.)
WINE TASTER (56A. One concerned with bouquets)
SIXERS GAME (1D. Wells Fargo Center event, informally)
MAKE-UP EXAM (2D. 38-Down’s second chance)
ETERNITIES (3D. They never end)
STAN MUSIAL (28D. Cardinal for 22 years)
EAST ORANGE (29D. Newark suburb)
PROSPECTUS (30D. Security account?)

Other — DEALER (42D. Crack investigator’s target?), DRY MOP (42A. Collector of dust bunnies), FRY PANS (10D. Browning equipment), JEWELS (5D. The Pink Panther and others), MAELSTROM (37A. Very turbulent situation), MEASURE (44A. Word before and after “for”), RUN WILD (22A. Go crazy), SPIELS (26A. They’re prepared to sell snake oil), STUDENT (38D. Person making a mark), TEXAS STAR (32A. Ferris wheel in Dallas that is the tallest in North America).

Five-letter — AAHED, AEGIS, BEGOT, BREAD, CANTS, GET IT, LIBEL (11D. Smearing in ink?), MAXIM, MOUSE, PENNA (21A. Only one of the 13 Colonies not touching the Atl. Ocean), SABRE, SPAYS, TERRY, WEILL (23D. “Mack the Knife“ composer).

Short stuff — ALES, A TO Z, BARN, BROW, CRAB, EBEN Holden“, EER, EMS, ERAS, ERDA (14A. Mother of the Valkyries), FERN, “Must’ve been something I ATE”, “The fix IS IN”, MEAL, MEET, MOAB, MOST, Olive OYL, El PASO, RAGU, REA, RUDI, SAC, SEP, SIS, SLR, SMEW (1A. Goldeneye relative), SUZY, TINT, TORT, TRA, WES Montgomery, WRIT, XKES (17A. Jags of the 1960s and ‘70s).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Election extension?; 20. Wrestling event; 24. Board provision; 27. Stock keeper; 28. Third qtr. Closer; 31. See; 34. Angle in botany; 35. Support; 39. Slopes; 40. Lifesaving squad: Abbr.; 41. Wrong; 43. ESPN anchor Kolber; 45. Moolah; 48. Ancient neighbor of Judah; 49. Bladder; 53. Feature of some lenses; 55. Alfredo sauce brand; 57. Buzz producers. — DOWN: 6. Showed delight, in a way; 7. Certiorari, e.g.; 8. Olympus OM-1, e.g.; 13. Shedder of spores; 20. Three-time All-Star pitcher Pappas; 24. Annual “Hot 100” publisher; 25. They’re historically significant; 27. Generated; 32. Robe material; 33. Fixes at an animal hospital; 35. Complete; 39. Grouch; 43. Buffalo pro; 44. Quiet type; 45. It’s often knitted; 46. Designer Gernreich; 47. “___ Holden” (Irving Bacheller novel); 48. Very; 51. “Still Crazy” star, 1998; 52. Family nickname; 53. Singsong syllable.

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