07.22.12 — Obscurity — the Cryptic Crossword

The wife of William Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cryptic Crossword by Richard Silvestri / Edited by Will Shortz

This diabolical cryptic crossword’s is so esoteric that many of the clues remain obscure (and uninteresting) even after the numerous inscrutable answers have been found. Only a few solvers will find this satisfying, gleefully joined by puzzlemaker.

Across — 1. The wife of William S. returned dye (5), HENNA; 4. In a flash hops taste funny (9), POSTHASTE; 9. More than one admirer is describing party afterward (9), IDOLATERS; 10. Polish woman eating at home (5), SHINE; 11. Midwestern city mantra, I see (5), OMAHA; 12. Kay and Ed, in rider’s seat, take off (9), SKEDADDLE; 13. Communication is finally reaching a maximum (8), SPEAKING; 14. Go from place to place to obtain device (6), GADGET; 17. Complete arrest order - except for the beginning (6), ARRANT (19. Freudian concept: have a meal before work (8), SUPEREGO; 23. Venerable Communist accepts alien carrying blueprint detail (9), RESPECTED; 25. Number one hit for country singer (5), ACUFF; 26. Father, for one, in action at the track (5), BEGET; 27. Still crazy about one small rug (9), INANIMATE; 28. Will try army member holding me (9), TESTAMENT; 29. Excellent place for a fire, they say (5), GREAT.

Down — 1. Wicked man in love with you and me (7), HEINOUS; 2. Gas consumed very young person (7), NEONATE; 3. Spot a flaw in an actor (4, 5), ADAM ARKIN; 4. Nice farmer owns piece of land (8), PLEASANT; 5. Came upon Seymour’s revolutionary method (6), SYSTEM; 6. Socks a follower of Daniel (5), HOSEA; 7. Lush indignantly hosts lavish party (7), SHINDIG; 8. Vocally, Fitzgerald signified gold or platinum (7), ELEMENT; 15. Welcome wild evening out (9), AVERAGING; 16. Team, losing opener, rushed to unfinished 25% (8), QUADRANT; 17. Bill (Willy in the movie) flipped circus performer (7), ACROBAT; 18. Extends a contract and steps down (7), RESIGNS; 20. Train ticket in possession of Cummings (7), EDUCATE; 21. Eccentric frequently embracing French actress Lillie (7), OFF-BEAT; 22. First person leaving to take a seat, take a cab and walk (6), STRIDE; 24. More old paintings turned up (5), EXTRA.


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chardeaux said...

I rather liked this puzzle, getting all except one, with some "aha" moments. However, one clue is driving me crazy. Can someone explain the cryptic part of 22 down? I guessed the answer (from the standard part of the clue) but I cannot figure out the cryptic part. First person? Leaving? Take a seat? Take a cab? HUH????

Anonymous said...

I = first person, leaving (removed from) "to take a seat" = SIT plus "take a cab" = RIDE