07.29.12 — The Fare at World Fairs

Chicago World's Fair - Thomas Moran


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der / Edited by Will Shortz

Eleven world fair debuts clued by their promos constitutes the interrelated group of this fine and fairly fresh Sunday crossword:

  • X-RAY MACHINE - 23A. “Get an inside look at our booth” (Buffalo, 1901)
  • TELEPHONE - 23A. “Get an inside look at our booth” (Philadelphia, 1876)
  • TOUCHSCREEN - 41A. “You’ve gotta get your hands of this” (Knoxville, 1982)
  • TYPEWRITER - 44A. Puts the keys of the future at your fingertips” (Philadelphia, 1876)
  • HEINZ KETCHUP - “Bring your dogs to our booth” (Philadelphia, 1876)
  • HUMANOID ROBOT - 69A. “The fair’s toughest man alive” (New York City, 1939)
  • ICE CREAM CONE - “Get the scoop on our new hand-held offering” (St. Louis, 1904)
  • WALL OUTLET - “Fairgoers may be in for a shock (St. Louis, 1904)
  • FERRIS WHEEL - 97A. “Starting a giant revolution at the fairgrounds” (Chicago, 1893)
  • ESCALATOR - “Getting fairgoers moving on the right track” (Paris, 1900)
  • IMAX THEATER - “Now showing our big vision of the future” (Osaka, 1970)

Exposition Universelle of 1900


Six-letter — AGORAE, AMUSES, Grand BAHAMA, BATTLE, BEDLAM, DELIST, DISARM, EGERIA (100D. Female counselor), EMILIO Pucci, ENESCO (98D. “Romanian Rhapsodies“ composer), FAKE IT, GATEAU, GOOSES, I’M LATE, ITALIA, KENNEL, LILIED, MAGPIE, MANAGE, MAN RAY (30A. Early 20th-century Modernist), ON SALE, OSMIUM (114A. Densest natural element), PREY ON, RANCOR, REFUEL, SEE FIT.

Five — “Have A NICE day“, ASYLA, AT TWO, AUDIT, Van DAMME of “Timecop“, DOUSE, EBOLI (61D. Mezzo-soprano in “Don Carlos“), EINER, ETHER, EVIAN, GLIDE, HE SHE, IRINA Slutskaya, LIARS, MACAW, NIGEL Bruce, PATCH, SCOUR, TATAR, TEENS, UNITS, USE ME, WHELK (33D. Sea snail) .

Short stuff — ACE, AGAR, AGIN, AGO, AIX, Santa ANA, ANIL, ASIA, ASPS, AVG, BOXY, Sammy CAHN, CAMP, CHEZ, EEL, ELD, ELMS, ENYA, ESS, EWW (“Gross!”), FATE, GOO, GO TO, IAMS, Pop ICON, IDA, IMAM, LYRA, MACE, MEGA (“Big“ prefix), MESH, NANO (“Small” prefix), NERO, ODOM Lamar, ONE L, OREL, OTIS Williams, PEEL, PETS, PIED Piper, PUMA, RAGE, RAH and RAM, REQ, RIFT, SADA Thompson, SARI, SHAQ Daddy, SLO, SPAM, STOW, TAN, TAXI, TEEM, TIL, TORO, UGH (“Gross!”), UNO, UTAH / UTES (115D. With 84-Down, a Pac-12 team), VEE, Viva VOCE, WHAT, WIT, XLI.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. One of six World Cup qualifying zones; 54. Tickles; 11. Visit; 15. Summer getaway; 19. Pedigree alternative; 20. Relative of a crow; 21. Shade darker than azure; 22. Gelatine substitute; 27. White Rabbit’s song in “Alice in Wonderland”; 28. Do a pit job; 31. Whiz; 32. Two-time world figure skating champ Slutskaya; 33. Card; 34. Back; 35. Thruway warning; 38. Double-check, in a way; 47. Inclusive pronoun; 48. Russian city and oblast; 49. Thompson of “Family”; 50. Day spa treatment; 52. Ones with natural curls?; 56. Veteran’s award; 63. Queens neighborhood; 65. Dove’s sign; 67.Transcript meas.; 73. Run into; 74. Energizes; 76. Ore. neighbor; 77. Just for giggles; 83. Bob Marley tune made popular by Johnny Nash; 86. “Quo Vadis” role; 87. Swarm; 88. Incredulous reply; 90. It’s unavoidable; 91. Battalions, e.g.; 103. Winter reading, say; 104. Pothook shape; 106. Muck; 107. Fly without power; 109. One that’s hard to get ahold of?; 111. It may receive a few pointers; 113. Hullabaloo; 123. Continue after landing; 124. Designer Pucci; 125. Source of the Hulk’s power; 126. Bull run participant?; 127. “Shepherd Moons” Grammy winner; 128. Remove from the stock exchange; 129. ___ Daddy (N.B.A. nickname). — DOWN: 1. City where Cézanne was born; 2. Bengalese wrap; 3. Sermon leader; 4. Retreats; 5. Like hams; 6. Eggnog ingredient; 8. Full of life; 9. Mussorgsky’s “Bilder ___ Ausstellung”; 10. Judge to be suitable; 11. Bistro dessert; 12. First-year law student; 13. ‘Fore; 14. Faulkner’s alma mater; 15. “High Hopes” lyricist Sammy; 16. Greek squares; 17. Pull through; 18. Hunt for food; 24. Colorful parrot; 26. Small garden; 29. Game with Wild cards; 35. Lay away; 38. Neighbor of Draco and Hercules; 39. Sweet-talk, say; 40. Frenze’s place; 42. Part of many a bistro’s name; 43. Tennis player’s asset; 45. Group in many a park; 46. Small energy boost?; 51. Part of summer in Santiago; 54. Deer hunter; 55. Online deluge; 57. Aristotle’s “fifth element”; 58. Extinguish; 60. Fiji alternative; 62. Onetime subject of the Mongols; 57. Fightin’; 70. Lamar of the N.B.A.; 71. Ready to move; 72. Fight; 75. Pore over; 78. Divide; 80. When some lunches end; 81. Go well together; 86. Some allergy sources; 89. Nastygrams; 92. Actor Bruce; 93. Sequester; 95. Single-issue publication; 96. 1972 Bill Withers hit; 97. Act like an expert without being one; 99. Bad blood; 101. Antiquity, once; 102. Like some ponds; 110. Ones with fictional accounts; 113. Far from aerodynamic; 114. Williams of the Temptations; 118. Beach souvenir?; 120. Year Claudius I become emperor; 121. Course list abbr.

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