07.14.12 — HO-HUM


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Puzzle by Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Destination for many a quilter, CRAFT FAIR; 10. One with a supporting role?, BRACE; 15. Forty-niners’ song, OH SUSANNA; 16. Fresh, LIPPY; 17. War with little or no active warfare, SITZKRIEG; 18. River from the Graian Alps, ISERE; 19. “Little” sister in “Hairspray”, INEZ; 20. Backpacker’s bagful, GORP; 21. Pirate’s shoulder, stereotypically, PERCH; 22. Land on the Arctic Circle: Abbr., NOR; 23. Nobelist Bloch or Lorenz, KONRAD; 25. French town fortified by Charlemagne, ST LO; 26. City whose name means “eat”, ESSEN; 28. Absorb, SOP UP; 30. Carrier whose them is “Rhapsody in Blue”: Abbr., UAL; 31. Head, or heading: Abbr., DIR; 33. Way out, RECOURSE; 35. Went ballistic, HAD A FIT; 39. Inexperience, RAWNESS; 40. Honor for an ace, AIR MEDAL; 42. “How I Met Your Mother” guy, TED; 43. Skipper’s syllable, TRA; 44. Add some stuffing to, REPAD; 46. Is imminent, LOOMS; 50. Persian language?, MEWS; 52. Keep spinning, as yarns, RETELL; 54. Stack of chips, sometimes, BET; 55. Ticket specification, ADULT; 57. Band parodied by Weird Al Yankovic’s “Dare to Be Stupid”, DEVO; 58. Homeroom response, HERE; 59. Report in the funny papers?, KAPOW; 60. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” author, ERIC CARLE; 62. Expedite some union business?, ELOPE; 63. Triumphantly boastful, COCK-A-HOOP; 64. Racket-raising Richards RENEE; 65 Attire for Little Lord Fauntleroy, KNEE PANTS.

Down — 1. 0, for 90j; COSINE; 2. Massive chargers; RHINOS; 3. Goldilocks and others, ASTERS; 4. Nap kin, FUZZ; 5. “How could you?!”, TSK; 6. Red River city, FARGO; 7. Parts of galvanic cells, ANIONS; 8. Off, IN ERROR; 9. Option for printing archival copies, RAG PAPER; 10. It’s hardly a trend, BLIP; 11. Stops lying, RISES; 12. Opening, APERTURE; 13. Revival meeting?, CPR CLASS; 14. Halloween costume parts, EYE-HOLES; 23. Assailant without a gun, KNIFER; 24. Bit of old European money, DUCAT; 27. Edible red ball, EDAM; 29. Rice served after him, POWELL; 32. Line-item veto target, often, RIDER; 34. Command to return to a former state, UNDO; 35. One may supply boaters, HAT MAKER; 36. Pet kept by Wilson, Harding and Coolidge, AIREDALE; 37. Tap, DRAW UPON; 38. Obsolescent music option, TAPE DECK; 41. In a bit, LATER ON; 45. 38-Down, for one, DEVICE; 47. Fairy king, OBERON; 48. Red selection, MERLOT; 49. Gets in hot water?, STEEPS; 51. Geometry calculation, SLOPE; 53. “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” writer, LOCKE; 58. Too cute, in Cambridge, TWEE; 58. “Good one!”, HAHA; 61. Restrict, in a way, CAP.


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