07.28.12 — All Over the Place

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Edited by Will Shortz

Across 1. Part of a certain log, STARDATE; 9. Appliance maker that produced the first microwave oven for household use (1955), TAPPAN; 15. Give lots of work … or criticism, PILE IT ON; 16. In, AT HOME; 17. Dashing through the snow?, IDITAROD; 18. Landmark also known as Kissavos, MT OSSA; 19. Thick, FAT; 20. Defiant retort, MAKE ME; 22. Mustang option, T-TOP; 23. Beat, FLOG; 25. Like a game ending in double overtime, say, HARD-WON; 27. “Copper Canyon” and Coroner Creek”, OATERS; 30. Discompose, ABASH; 33. They may be empty in a vending machine, CALORIES; 36. Journal keeper of fiction, CRUSOE; 37. Straight, ALIGNED; 38. Certain seal, SEA CALF; 39. Listing agent’s principal, SELLER; 40. Genre of Lauren Weinberger’s “The Devil Wears Prada”, CHICK LIT; 41. So far, AS YET; 42. Actress Sobieski, LEELEE; 43. Aids for home parties, WET BARS; 45. Draw, in a way, TOKE; 49. Federal org. with compliance officers, OSHA; 51. Like Jesus on the Shroud of Turin, many believe, IMAGED; 54. BEL esprit; 55. Capital of Iran’s Fars province, SHIRAZ; 57. Faithful practice, MONOGAMY; 59. Peewee, LITTLE; 60. How hair might fall out, IN CLUMPS; 61. Almost perfect, as a game, ONE HIT; 62. Pen pal?, CELLMATE.

Down — 1. Neaten (up), SPIFF; 2. Start of a big wave?, TIDAL; 3. O’Connor’s successor, ALITO; 4. No longer serving: Abbr., RET; 5. Geometry meas., DIAM; 6. ATRA Plus (pharmacy purchase); 7. Really listened, TOOK HEED; 8. Charms, ENDEARS; 9. Under control, TAMED; 10. Bygone N.Y.S.E. ticker symbol, ATT; 11. Picture-hosting Web site, PHOTOBUCKET; 12. Kind of drip, POST-NASAL; 13. “Are not!” elicitor, AM SO; 14. Spring’s counterpart, NEAP; 21. Title box choice, MRS; 24. Reference program launched in 2005, GOOGLE EARTH; 26. Top gun, WAR ACE; 28. Actor Will of “Up All Night”, ARNETT; 29. Second-TIER; 31. Cadenzas, e.g., SOLI; 32. Weight, HEFT; 33. Sight along una calle, CASA; 34. They may be pint-size with big heads, ALES; 35. 100% pure, LILY WHITE; 36. Put a cover on, CEIL; 38. 1976 Hall & Oates hit, SHE’S GONE; 40. Like many cookie jars, CERAMIC; 42. Flight, LAM; 44. “Les Pêcheurs de Perles” composer, BIZET; 46. Start to care?, OBAMA; 47. Combed, as hair, KEMPT; 48. ELYSE Knox, co-star of Lon Chaney in “The Mummy’s Tomb”; 49. Olympics locale where the first figure-skating triple jump was landed, OSLO; 50. It’s just over a foot, SHIN; 52. Check within, say?: Abbr., ENCL; 53. Sweetums, DOLL; 56. Fourth caliph in Sunni Islam, ALI; 58. Jam (up), GUM.



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