07.07.12 — Wink Wink

Wink: frame from Metropolis, 1927


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. [If ya get what I mean …], WINK WINK; 9. Person in upper sales?, DEALER; 15. All together, AS ONE MAN; 16. Title bandit in a Verdi work, ERNANI; 17. “Ixnay” IT’S A NO GO; 18. See 19-Across, CATNAP; 19. Took an 18-Across, SLEPT; 20. Long-AWAITED; 22. Wife of Angel Clare, in literature, TESS; 23. All together, IN SUM; 24. Lundi GRAS; 27. 100% reliable, AS GOOD AS GOLD; 30. Like the Three Stooges, WACKY; 32. Stream past Memphis, NILE; 33. Through, VIA; 34. Worthy of being tossed, JUNKY; 35. Shooting spot, SET; 36. Smart one?, ALECK; 38. N.C.A.A.’s Conference USA; 39. Provider of some light fare, POPS; 41. 1,000 liters, STERE; 42. 1980s gangster sobriquet, THE TEFLON DON; 45. “Oh, O.K.”, SURE; 46. Kind of pressure, SINUS; 47. Not be off, STAY; 51. Kind of pressure, OSMOTIC; 53. “Fingers crossed”, I HOPE; 54.Ibsen title heroine, GABLER; 56. Danish ancestor, OLD NORSE; 58. Yanks are part of it, AL EAST; 59. Woody Allen film subjects, NEUROSES; 60. Be taken for, PASS AS; 61. Complement from the chef?, SIDE DISH.

Down — 1. It’s often tape-measured, WAIST; 2. Agave fiber, ISTLE; 3. Edges, NOSES; 4. Hiker’s purchase, KNAPSACK; 6. Texter’s P.O.V. preceder, IMO; 7. Where Tara Lipinski upset Michelle Kwan, NAGANO; 8. Has the material mastered, KNOWS ONE’S ONIONS; 9. One with an important point?, DECIMAL; 10. Form of “sum”, ERAT; 11. Insect pupa sold as turtle food, ANT EGG; 12. Jeep alternative, LAND ROVER; 13. Disney doe, ENA; 14. Reason to do patchwork?, RIP; 21. What a dodger might face, AUDIT; 23. 1982 Donald Fagen hit subtitled “What a Beautiful World”, IGY; 25. She asked “What IS an un-birthday present?”, ALICE; 26. Home to Ellsworth A.F.B., SDAK; 28. Means of audio-visual connection, SKYPE; 29. N.Z. was a member of it, SEATO; 30. Chinese martial arts, collectively, WUSHU; 31. Many gastrointestinal tract residents, ANAEROBES; 34. Extrudes, JUTS; 35. Floor exercise maneuver, SPLIT; 37. Preventer of photographic glare, LENS HOOD; 40. In some way, OF SORTS; 41. 1960s org. revived in 2006, SDS; 43. Newtons per ampere-meter, TESLAS; 44. Scientific research centers, NUCLEI; 48. Leotards cover them, TORSI; 49. Areas for some kneelers, APSES; 50. “Oh, for goodness’ sake!”, YEESH; 52. Neighbor of Apache Junction, MESA; 53. Apropos of, INRE; 54. Orthodontist’s concern, GAP; 55. Copying, ALA; 57. One not going out with a bang?, DUD.


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