07.23.12 — The Invisible Man


Monday, July 23, 2012

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

THE INVISIBLE MAN (38A. H. G. Wells novel … with a hint to this puzzle’s circled words), along with the circled words, GENT, CHAP, FELLA and DUDE, constitute the interrelated group of this friendly Monday crossword, e.g., OXYGEN TANK (17A. Equipment to help a patient breathe), SUCH A PITY (25A. “Sorry to hear that”), FELL APART (49A. Went to pieces) and HINDU DEITY (671A. Vishnu or Shiva).

Other — ACCEPT, ALLEGE, ARTIST, EASE IN, HUBBLE (27D. Telescope serviced by astronauts)  LACKED, SORTIE, STODGY, RED PLANET (33D. Mars, with “the”), REVAMP, WORRISOME (11D. Troubling).

Five-letter — ABIDE, ALOHA State, AREAS, “It’s A SIGN of the times”, “DEWEY Defeats Truman“, ECOLE, ERNIE, EVENT, F STOP, HASTE, HUNTS, KEATS (52A. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty“ poet), PALMS, PIXAR, RAN IN, SAY SO, SCALP, SNAFU, STYLE, TONYS, TOTEM, VERNE (22A. Jules who wrote “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”).

Captain Nemo bids the sun to go down over Antarctica, after claiming the South Pole in his name, in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Short stuff — ACT I, ALL, ANY, A-ONE, APSE, AS IF I care“, AWED, BOA, CERT, CHAI, COVE, CREW, DAB, DSL, EEG and EEK, EON, ETTE, HAL and HAT, HENS, ILSA, ISO, LAP, Miller LITE, NEMO (69A. Captain in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea“), NUNS, ODES, OHO, OLEG, OVA, PETE, POD, SECT, STP, TIN, TONE, VAL and VAN.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Rounded cathedral feature; 5. Undue speed; 10. Bowled over; 14. Miller ___ (low-calorie beer); 15. Banks in the Baseball Hall of Fame; 16. Sheltered bay; 19. Regatta group; 20. Prince who became Henry V; 23. Floor measurements; 28. Breath mint in a roll, informally; 30. Events with baying hounds; 31. Foray; 34. Small bit, as of cream; 35. Lab eggs; 42. Pea holder; 43. Completely; 44. In recent days; 45. Trees that sway in a hurricane; 48. Religious offshoot; 49. Went to pieces; 56. Resell unfairly, as tickets; 57. First-rate; 59. Flapper’s neckwear; 60. Musical sound; 64. Fashion designer Cassini; 66. Some poems from 52-Across; 67. Tennis’s Sampras; 68. Broadway honors. — DOWN: 1. ___ State (Hawaii’s nickname); 2. Film studio behind “Roy Story” and “Up”; 3. Fashion; 4 Brain wave readout, for short; 5. “Cluck, cluck” makers; 6. Monet or Manet; 7. Megamistake; 8. Sn, to a chemist; 9. Mouse spotter’s cry; 10. Say yes to; 11. Troubling; 12. Datebook notation; 13. “___ Defeats Truman” (famous 1948 headline); 18. Enter slowly and carefully, as a parking spot; 22. Many an airport shuttle; 24. Play opener; 26. Spiced tea; 29. Change significantly; 31. Big inits. In fuel additives; 32. “Well, whaddya know!”; 34. Web access inits.; 34. Web access inits.; 36. Kilmer of “The Doors”; 37. One or more; 39. Rick’s beloved in “Casablanca”; 40. Was without; 41. Suffix with major; 46. Declare to be true; 47. Swimming unit; 48. Hardly hip; 49. Camera lens setting; 50. Place to learn in Lille; 51. Carted off to jail; 53. Tolerate; 54. Emblem carved on a pole; 55. Permission; 58. Convent residents; 61. Place for a rabbit in a magic act; 62. Equal: Prefix; 63. Immeasurably long time.

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Recruit for the Minutemen?

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