04.13.07 -- Horse Clock

Puzzle by Patrick Berry
Puzzle solvers try very hard to give any scrap of a theme to a “themeless” puzzle, and this one takes a fair stretch, but there is DREIDEL crossing ISRAEL, PEACENIK crossing MANOWAR, RIOTER atop ATREST. HEEL and CUR, BISTRO and DINE, the AERONAUT SOARED, etc. For other theories of relativity read the always astute Orange of Diary of a Crossword Fiend's assessment -- http://crosswordfiend.blogspot.com/2007/04/friday-413.html -- or for a very lively discussion with plenty of originality, check out guest-blogger EVAD (Dave Sullivan) -- Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle -- http://rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com/ Nevertheless, themeless it is, and all one can do is pick out what is of interest and hope it’s not as kitschy as a horse with a clock in its stomach. I personally found AERONAUT and PEACENIK interesting -- ergo, illustrations!
Below: Manager of Gasworks (to aeronaut who has just had his balloon inflated).
"EXCUSE ME, SIR, BUT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO UNDERSTAND CLEARLY THAT OUR TERMS FOR GAS ARE STRICTLY CASH." -- PUNCH, or THE LONDON CHARIVARI, Vol. 156., April 9, 1919. Also, Sadler's balloon, Sadler's flight marker, TRIPLEWORDSCORE, ITTAKESALLKINDS, Horse Clock (substituting for EGGTIMER), "There's Been a Terrible, Terrible Misprint on the Box," George Harris, III wearing flag shirt; and at the Pentagon sticking a flower into a rifle, late 60’s; finally, to round out the olio, 34D's OEDIPAL origins, OEDIPUS REX! (or read 53A, 53A, 53A, 19A, 46A, 7A, 7A, 18A, 18A and 34D)


Anonymous said...

Now who would use a mantle clock in the kitchen.

DONALD said...

I don't know, maybe a studio apartment?