04.28.07 -- IDENTITY THEFT, a Return to the Stone Age

Puzzle by Sherry O. Blackard, edited by Will Shortz

If you wanted a relaxing weekend, today’s puzzle is not going to make you feel at ease with IDENTITYTHEFT (32 Wallet loser’s concern) splayed across its center and flanked by SUITETOATEE (26D Be just right for) and STEREOTYPE (8D Cast in a certain role), which are a couple of goals of an ANONYM (22A Unidentified person) behind ENEMYLINES (5d Hostile territory is behind them) who ENTERS (58A Joins) your password, TANGLES (25A Mats), PICKS AT (38A Barely eats) LEAVINGS (18A Refuse) for ONEYEAR (27A Like many leases) and finally TOREINTO (52A Gave what for) or will TEARAT (1D Cause anguish in) your life ALLOUT (51A Complete) and send your life to the STONEAGE (16A Primitive). ...uh, you do the grammar…!

To keep you otherwise occupied, this puzzle gives you little niceties like ELKE (34D Sommer of “The Prize”) and ENKE (45A Three-time speed skating gold medalist Karin) (“Enke, Elke. Elke, Enke!), a bouquet of REDROSES (57A Alternative to a box of chocolates), hopes you like EGGPLANT (13D Ratatouille ingredient) for DESSERT (14A Something a loser may skip) at a table with a TRIVET (1A Table saver) with music from TABLAS (48A They may accompany sitars) to sooth your EAR (53D Sound system component?)!

Obtuse clues, obscure answers, odd results, unusual placement -- but!, only two abbreviations, and both baseball: CLE (49A A. L. Central team, on scoreboards) and DPS (21A Twin killings, in baseball: Abbr.); however, the abbreviations we need for the New York Yankees are EMT and CPR! -- the Red Sox are dancing in the Bronx!
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Linda G said...

Thought this one was fun and not difficult at all. Getting IDENTITY THEFT right across the bat sure helped, along with a few other long answers -- EGGPLANT, ENEMYLINES, SUITTOATEE.

Thanks for your email. Looking forward to some leisurely puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Donal, I've been meaning to tell you that your blog is magnifique! I love the black background, pithy commentary, and especially the artsy creepiness. I'm looking forward to when I have some lesiure time to explore your links and archives.

DONALD said...

DONALD said...
rock rabbit

Glad you're there and great that you said hello -- have read your notes in the Rex blog from time to time and your observations are more than welcome here!