04.07.07 -- In A Perfect World...

Puzzle by Michael Shteyman
The answers in this puzzle of no"theme" that crossed the whole grid (INAPERFECTWORLD, THINKINGOUTLOUD, GALAPERFORMANCE, SILENTTREATMENT, HUGECONTROVERSY, NICCOLOPAGANINI, EVENINGRUSHHOUR) came to me easily while I spent most of my time pondering over diminutive fill. It just became perfunctory bookkeeping once the unrelated 15-letter answers were complete. Further, nothing seemed to relate to anything else, not that it should, but it makes it a lot more interesting. That said, this type of construction must take a bit of imagination to compose; however, in this case, the solver gets nothing from the experience except “well, it’s done!
Hieronymous Bosch.
Garden of Earthly Delights. 1510

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