10.29.07 -- Double Duty

The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall, Prague
Monday, October 29, 2007
Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
It’s Monday, the weekend flew -- we need a special clock for the start of the work-week, one that serves double duty -- showing where did the time go, and what is ahead.
In today’s crossword four entries serve double duty : ...GENE...RATION (17A Allotment of heredity units?) without the space is, of course, GENERATION with no clue. ...FORE...STATION (10D TV channel for golfers?), becomes FORESTATION of the eco type. ...CARBO...NATION (25d Pasta-and-potato-loving country?) is CARBONATION, and the amusing REV...ELATION (56A Preacher’s sky-high feeling?) aptly reads REVELATION. Very simple and simply very cool!
Now about that clock in the picture above -- in a comment this weekend, I was asked what something that I wrote had anything to do with the crossword puzzle at hand -- well, nothing! In this case, it’s just the kind of clock I’d like to answer to on Monday, instead of that mean-looking thing at the office!
The puzzle in less than a minute: People: FANS, ROSA, ASHE, ELIA, REO, RAVI, IRENE, TOJO, AVIS, and LARA. Creatures: PIXIES, SEAHORSE, ASP and APE. Food and intoxicants: OKRA, OREO, PEA, OVO, PANATELA, SANKA, LAGER. Places: TONGA, HAVEN, and EAST. Actions and activities: USE, SEANCES, AROSE, SPIN, WARN, MOTOR, AVOW, SLAY, EVOKE, LIVESALIE, MAJOREDIN, WON, BLOTTO, LITUP, Battle of the SEXES, and REST. Showbiz: SRO, HITS, PIANO, OVER, TIER, OVAL. Technology: NASA, ENG, REACTOR, AERO, TETRA, EPA, SONAR. Finance: PER, LIEN, SPENT, COINS. Objects: REEL, TAMS, MAST. Wiggle room: LEEWAY and LEDGE. Look-a-likes: AWL and AWOL, ETAT and ETAS. Furrowed part of the head: BROW. This puzzle’s range: ATOB.
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1. started a cigarette 6. sail supporter 10. rooters 14. left one's seat 15. gumbo vegetable 16. track shape 17. allotment of heredity units? 19. parks who pioneered in civil rights 20. our language: abbr. 21. took the blue ribbon 22. room to maneuver 24. nuclear power apparatus 27. top 10 tunes 28. hole-punching tool 29. slender cigar 33. prefix with -hedron 36. is false to the world 37. get from _____ (progress slightly) 38. battle of the _ (men vs. women) 39. stadium section 40. studied primarily, at college 42. holder of 88 keys 43. caveman's era 44. vintage automotive inits. 45. tennis great arthur 46. mediums' meetings 50. stewed to the gills 53. king kong, e.g. 54. lacto-_____-vegetarian 55. sitarist shankar 56. preacher's sky-high feeling? 60. twistable cookie 61. turn at roulette 62. decaf brand 63. give an alert 64. direction of sunup 65. sticky problem 1. hearty brew 2. jim carrey comedy "me, myself & _____" 3. kingdom east of fiji 4. milk for all its worth5. pay-_-view 6. travel by car 7. closely related (to) 8. sign at a sellout 9. bikini wearers' markings 10. tv channel for golfers? 11. state frankly 12. shuttle-launching org. 13. murder 18. delinquent g.i. 23. greek h's 25. pasta-and-potato-loving country? 26. former rival of pan am 27. safe place 29. mischievous sprite 30. director kazan 31. claim on property 32. prefix with dynamic 33. scots' caps 34. coup d'_____ 35. japanese p.m. during w.w. ii 36. mantel 38. equine-looking fish 41. take a siesta 42. split _ soup 44. fishing line winder 46. paid out 47. nickels and dimes 48. call to mind 49. sunken ship finder 50. furrowed part of the head 51. dr. zhivago's love 52. 1964 dave clark five song "glad all _____" 53. hertz rival 57. mileage rating org. 58. cleopatra's biter 59. eastern "way"

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