10.23.07 -- Draw Me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld, edited by Will Shortz
THINGSDRAWN (59A What the starts of 17-, 26-, 37- and 52-Across are) is the lead inter-related entry and clue for CURTAINCALL (17A Play follower, usually); BATHSPONGE (26A Loofah, e.g.); BLOODSTREAM (37A Circulatory system flow); and GUNSLINGER (52A Shoot-’em-up figure).
The Famous Artists School was well known in the 1950s and 1960s for its advertising on the back covers of comic books and on matchbook covers. The matchbooks had a drawing on the front cover, with the legend Draw me!. Information about the school was printed on the inside of the cover.
No drawing instructions here today, just guns, blood, baths and curtains. I'm not sure what seemed more disturbing -- the thought of Janet Leigh and the shower in "Psycho", along with gunslingers drawing blood, needles drawing blood, or ego-driven maniacs milking applause!
CURTAINCALL appears to win out in this case, with the most related entries, including STAGE; TANGO; the quote from Henry James "INART economy is always beauty; Singer JAYE P. Morgan, Actress ILKA Chase of "Now, Voyager"; Director ANG Lee; the play about Capote, TRU; The HUMANCOMEDY, Saroyan novel; TOPTENS, Letterman lists; ANO, "Wheel of Fortune" buy; the singer of the 1962 hit "The Wanderer", DION; "Deal or No Deal" network, NBC; and AIR, put on TV.
GUNSLINGER fared with deadeye's asset, AIM; "Beat it!", SCRAM; bled, like dyes, RAN; maybe HUNT clued to be rural event on horseback; SMITE, clobber, biblically; SOTS, tipplers; and GAL, guy's partner. Might as well throw BLOODSTREAM in the pot, oh, yeah, and ANTEUP!
BATHSPONGE has less friends in this puzzle than BABY which numbers WAH as its lonely utterance.
Contrasts and lookalikes: NONFAT and BACON; AIR and AIM; ANG, ANO, UNO and UFO.
Oh, IFORGOT, for loose ends, there's BOBBYKNIGHT, JIGSAWS, ICEAX, TINHAT, ZAIRE, ARIES, TEASING, and a dozen other olio entries.
I had trouble with "BUG" -- why?, I don't know!
For today's cartoon, go to The Crossword Puzzle Illustrated.
Drawning Hands, M. C. Escher
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1. play place 6. ballroom dance 11. chart-topper 14. sign of spring 15. mountaineer's tool 16. et's ride 17. play follower, usually 19. unruly do 20. amateurish 21. "____ economy is always beauty": henry james 23. buggy rider 26. loofah, e.g. 30. 108-card game 31. start the pot 32. pest control brand 33. spoil 35. bibliophile's suffix 36. tipplers 37. circulatory system flow 41. singer _ p. morgan 43. early 11th-century year 44. back at sea? 47. actress chase of "now, voyager" 48. for dieters 51. smidgen 52. shoot-'em-up figure 54. harmony, briefly 55. clobber, biblically 56. computer that uses os x 58. director lee 59. what the starts of 17-, 26-, 37- and 52-across are 66. crib cry 67. burger topper, maybe 68. site of ali's rumble in the jungle 69. salon job 70. cuts and pastes 71. tv awards 1. amniotic ____ 2. play about capote 3. put on tv 4. manage, barely 5. jacob's twin 6. g.l.'s helmet, slangily 7. duke's sports org. 8. "read across america" grp. 9. guy's partner 10. primrose family member 11. saroyan novel, with "the" 12. "it slipped my mind!" 13. letterman lists 18. id on a dust jacket 22. acknowledges nonverbally 23. pc glitch 24. "wheel of fortune" buy 25. hoops coach with the most n.c.a.a. division in wins 27. playful mockery 28. rural event on horseback 29. work out in the ring 31. commotion 34. red sox div. 38. old dodge 39. singer of the 1962 hit "the wanderer" 40. guinness book suffix 41. tools for making twisty cuts 42. barnard grads 45. bled, like dyes 46. "deal or no deal" network 49. fakes, as an injury 50. weaponry 53. leave alone 54. "beat it!" 57. wood-shaping tool 60. suffered from 61. here, in paris 62. "i'm kidding!" 63. deadeye's asset 64. dryly amusing 65. nintendo's super ____

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