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Carlo Carrà, Interventionist Demonstration, 1914


Monday, October 8, 2007
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Puzzle by Steve Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

The GOLD (and FINGER) in GOLDFINGER (17A Bond villain); the STEEL (and HEAD) in STEELHEAD (29A Certain trout); the LEAD (and BELLY) in LEADBELLY (42A Classic blues musician); and the SILVER (and BACK) in SILVERBACK (52A Patriarchal gorilla) are the inter-related metal (and body part) entries in this talkative crossword!

-- M E M O R A N D U M --
The SADDEST (4D Most mournful) WAGS (1A Witty sorts) YEARN (62A Feel nostalgia, e.g.) to SENSE (44A Intuit) ENOUGH (10D “Stop!“) of an IDEA (14A Think tank nugget) to SHRUG (25A “Beats me” gesture) off ADLIBS (40A Wings it) that ADDUP (5A Make sense) to IRE (53D Ill temper) and AROUSE (23D Work up) LAMENT (22A Bemoan), GOADED (46A Prodded) to ADO (2D Brouhaha) and DOG (7D Follow everywhere) a VERSE (45A The “35” in John 11:35) ELSE (10A Choice word) a LETHAL (22D Deadly) PREEN (59A Primp) and STALLS (29D Plays for time) by an ACTOR (47A Woods or Irons) to BASK (61A Lounge in the sun) or CON (56D Bamboozle) to USE (8d Put to work) AHORSE (31D When repeated, cry by Shakespeare’s Richard III) at LOOSE (15A On the lam) ENDS (13D Pulls the plug on) in a Monday puzzle that RULES (21D Game sheet) with a ROAR (51A Laugh heartily) and a SOAR (44D Go up, up, up)!

A SPY (52D U-2 pilot, e.g.), an ARAB (47D Omani, e.g.), DVORAK (43D Czech composer Antonin), GLENN (46d filmdom’s Close), MARTHA (24D First first lady) and the ALIST (5D Most-wanted group for a party) GANG (63A Crips or Bloods) play musical chairs in the BARN (41A Place for a hoedown) with a BEANBAG (41D Nontraditional chair style).

COLA (48D Fast-food drink) or CLARETS (37A Some red wines) HEREBY (26D As a result of this) DOWNED (32D Consumed heartily) with ELAN (50A Flair) from the KEG (57D Fraternity party setup) that RUSTS 21A Gets corroded) won’t ERASE (28A Rub out) a FINE (18D Ticket cost?), RENTS (27D Patronizes U-Haul, e.g.) OWED (19A Saw red?) or a TORT (33A Basis for a suit), so send the STERILE (25D Germ-free) ELDER (34D Octogenarian, for one) who DONS (6D Puts on) a WIG (1D Faux ‘fro?) soaked in GEL (3D Goo in a do) on an ERRAND (30D Gofer’s job) to the HUT (36A “Survivor” shelter) in the LEA (54D Grazing ground) for a CABER (37D Pole tossed by Scots).

ALA (55D Carte start) and ALGA (58A Pond organism), ALOE (60A Natural soother) and ASH (39A Cheroot residue), RHO (35A Fraternity P) and ROW (38A Obey the coxswain), PER (9D Part of r.p.m.) and SUET (12D Fatty treat for birds) are words to USE (8D Put to work) before we ERASE (28A Rub out) the DISS (20A Ph.D. thesis: Abbr.) that TAGS (49D Makes “it”) the LOWS (11D Wall Street minimums) EVER after” (50D) and ETERNE (34A Endless, poetically).

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!


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