09.04.10 — Anesthesia

"First Operation Under Ether", 1846, Robert C. Hinckley


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Puzzle by Mark Diehl, edited by Will Shortz

It’s a quick Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Fishing gear, BAIT BUCKETS; 12. Hollywood acronym, SAG; 15. Company mascot introduced in the 1930s that has never been put out to pasture, ELSIE THE COW; 16. Group with the ‘79 double- platinum album “Discovery”, ELO; 17. Stance in a fashion magazine, GLAMOUR POSE; 18. Up to, informally, TIL; 19. SOY milk; 20. Bench warrant, e.g., WRIT; 21. Walk to the gate, perhaps, SEE OFF; 23. Baseball stat, RUNS; 24. Lamented, WEPT FOR; 25. Zeros, in sports slang, BAGELS; 28. One who’s smart?, WISEACRE; 29. Switch positions?, ON OFF; 30. “Lost” actress Raymonde, TANIA; 31. Liszt’s “LES Préludes”; 32. Hardly traditionalists, NEOS; 33. SEVEN Sisters (daughters of Atlas); 34. Popular spectator sport that’s not in the Olympics, SUMO; 35. Money market currency abbr., USD; 36. The Abominable Snowman, for one, BIPED; 37. Block, DEBAR; 38. Babe-in-arms alternative?, STROLLER; 40. DOESN’T Really Matter” (Janet Jackson song); 41. John Wayne, THE DUKE; 42. It’s hardly a smash hit, DINT; 43. Kindle say, READER; 44. Impotent, WEAK; 45. E-2 Marine, PFC; 48. Utter doofus, ASS; 49. Apathetic person’s words, FOR ALL I CARE; 52. John L. Lewis was its first pres., CIO; 53. Laptop tested aboard the Endeavour, IBM THINKPAD; 54. Home of Smallville: Abbr., KAN; 55. Swift retreat?, NESTING SITE.

Down — 1. Adjures, BEGS; 2. Gallic greeting, ALLO; 3. “Well!”, I SAY; 4. Title guy in an animated HBO sitcom, TIM; 5. Aid to King Hrothgar, in literature, BEOWULF; 6. Some driving school practice, U-TURNS; 7. Rock on a stage, CHRIS; 8. Didn’t go stale, KEPT; 9. Friendly intro?, ECO; 10. Adds, TOSSES IN; 11. Comic strip adoptee, SWEE’ PEA; 12. Course load, SET OF CLUBS; 13. Like the 1974 rope-a-dope fight, ALI-FOREMAN; 14. Kiawah Island, for one, GOLF RESORT; 22. Hellenic character, ETA; 23. Calls, REFS; 24. Got into port, WINED; 25. Incentive to buy a CD, maybe, BONUS TRACK; 26. Number of folks?, ANESTHESIA; 27. Excuse, GOOD REASON; 28. Sing vibrato, say, WAVER; 30. Hides on a frame, TEPEE; 33. Luxurious wrap, SILK ROBE; 34. Grope for, SEEK; 36. Tekka-maki sushi source, BLUE FIN; 37. Promoter of the 13-Down fight, DON KING; 39. “How ODD …”; 40. Phone headquarters, DIAL IN; 42. City of 15+ million whose busiest street is Chandni Chowk, DELHI; 44. Steam engine pioneer, WATT; 45. Parental term of endearment, in Spain, PAPI; 46. Frequent party planner, for short, FRAT; 47. Opt to drop, CEDE; 50. Hosp. units, RMS; 51. Contents of some books: Abbr., CKS.

That’s that! I’m out of her.r….r…


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