09.30.10 — "Uh-uh!"


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puzzle by Victor Fleming, edited by Will Shortz

“Uh-uh!” is the clue for I WOULDN’T / IF I WERE YOU, BAD IDEA, BACK OFF, THINK AGAIN and DON’T DO IT in this talkative thumbs-up Thursday crossword. Four more vocables are OH WOW (46A. “That’s amazing!”), DARE ME (62A. “You think I won’t?!”), CAN TOO (11D. Shout in a playground debate), YES BUT (12D. “I’ll grant you that. However …”) and “Don’t have A COW!”

Other — DECOROUS (13A. Marked by dignity and taste), FAUN and SATYR (38D. 8-Down’s Roman equivalent, 8D. Nymph pursuer), MR SPOCK (1A. Sci-fi-role starting in 1966), OMNIVORE (37D. Hardly a picky eater), SCORE PAD (3D. Bridge need), SUBMERSE (63A. Put under), TALLEST (65A. Guinness superlative).

Six-letter — ARROYO (10D. Arid region’s watercourse), ASTERN, BISTRO, E-TRADE, KUNG FU, LHASAN (44D. Like the Dalai Lama, historically), MACRAE, REAMER, SHARDS, STOICS, TO A MAN, U-TURNS, WIN OUT.

Five — ACORN, À GOGO, BRUCE, DWEEB, ENOLA (64A. Girl in “Waterworld”), ERIKA, GODLY, IRREG, KARMA, L’EGGS, MILAN, MODEL, POUTS, SERAI (31A. Destination for a Near Eastern caravan), STACY, RAT ON.

Short stuff — ACNE, ALP, BARB, BEDE, BEES, COD, EEL, ELBA and ELEA, FNMA (39D. Low-cost home loan corp.), HOV, HTML (55D. Webmaster’s lingo), ISS, MDI, MINA, MULE, NBA, NUM, ORLE, OTB, RAS, REW, ROOT, RTE, TCU, TET.



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 8. Keach of “W.”; 15. He played opposite Jones in “Carousel” and “Oklahoma!”; 17. Reversals; 18. Map line: Abbr.; 19. Like the devout; 21. Wagering locale: Abbr.; 22. Some socials; 26. Backdrop for many a Winter Olympics; 27. Wayne or Lee; 28. It may be square; 29. It gets the juice out; 40. Brand associated with Everyday Knee Highs; 42. Unanimously; 43. Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea; 48. Deut. Preceder; 52. ___ Harker, wife in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”; 53. Dorm V.I.P.’s, for short; 54. Part of a winter stash; 55. Letters on the road; 56. Behind. — DOWN: 1. Year Michelangelo began work on “David”; 2. VCR button; 4. Shows disappointment, in a way; 5. Heraldic band; 6. Mail order option; 7. Style of fighting; 9. Fort Worth sch.; 14. Greek philosophical group; 15. Pack carrier; 20. One who’s definitely not in the in-crowd; 22. Nasty remark; 23. Zeno’s locale; 24. Sale table notation; 25. Actress Alexander of “The Cosby Show”; 27. Eliot protagonist; 30. European fashion capital; 32. Betray; 35. Disco phrase; 41. Some broken glass; 43. Brokerage name since 1992; 45. Spot for a bite; 47. Emerge on top; 50. Fate; 51. Teen breakout; 52. Feature at an auto show, in two different ways; 57. Sushi fish; 59. Jazz group, for short; 60. Mag. Edition; 61. New Year festival overseas.

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