09.06.10 — Saturday Night

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977


Monday, September 6, 2010 — Labor Day

Puzzle by Randall J. Hartman, edited by Will Shortz

SATURDAY NIGHT (47A. Popular date time … or a phrase that can precede the starts of 20-, 33- and 40-Across), SPECIAL FORCES (20A. Green Berets), FEVER PITCH (33A. Frenzied state) and LIVE REMOTE (40A. Out-of-studio TV broadcast) constitute the interrelated group of this long-weekend Labor-Day Monday crossword.

Other — ARE YOU (25A. Words before serious, ready or listening), A-TESTS (44A. Nuclear experiments, for short), BRUNEI (43D. Pacific sultanate), COME AGAIN (35D. “Say what?”), HAM IT UP (5D. Chew the scenery), MIKE MYERS (4D. Portrayer of Austin Powers, “international man of mystery”), RAIN-OUT (41D. Certain game cancellation), SPARSE (9D. Few and far between).

Five-letter — AFROS, ANGEL (19A. Heavenly harp player), ARTIE, BRETT, CASES, COORS, EVADE, GYROS, JET LI (38D. Martial arts champion-turned-film star), JONES, HEIDI, HUNAN, NONOS, PINKO, PINCH, REARS, REEDS, STAID, STEVE, SPIEL, URIAH.

Short-stuff — “Dear ABBY”, ABLE, ACME, Jai ALAI and Jesus ALOU, AIRS and ARIA, ANTI, ASH, BASE, CORA, EARP, EBRO, EKES, GILA monster, HAH (53D. “When pigs fly!”), HALF, HIDE, HUSH, IDEA, INGE, IRIS, LAIR, LOL (13D. Twitter titter), MILL, MOTH, NBC, NEED, OATH, ODDS, OLES, PAP, PERK, POEM, REM, REST, SAD, SATE, SILL, SRI Lanka, SSE, SURE, TREE.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Limerick or sonnet; 5. “Shut yo’ mouth!”; 9. Sales talk, 15. Solo for Pavarotti; 16. Commie; 17. Use of a corporate jet, say; 18. Pepper grinder; 23. Pest attracted to light; 24. Volcanic spew; 28. Fill all the way; 30. The Peacock Network; 35. Mrs. Ditchers in “Blondie”; 36. Brings up; 37. “Everybody Hurts” band; 38. Revolutionary War hero John Paul ___; 39. Las Vegas figures; 42. Opposite of NNW; 43. First, second, third or home; 53. Chinese province where Mao was born; 54. Spain’s longest river; 55. Hoity-toity manners; 57. Bandleader Shaw; 58. Jesus of the 1960s Giants; 59. It’s just a thought; 60. “Project Runway” host Klum; 61. Take a breather; 62. Requirement. — DOWN: 1. Soft food for babies; 2. Cheers at a futbol match; 3. Dodge City lawman Wyatt; 6. Dickens’s ___ Heep; 7. Sot for a pot; 8. Two quarters; 10. Tiny bit of salt; 11. William who wrote “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs”; 12. Manages, with “out”; 21. Operator of the largest brewery facility in the world; 22. “Ye gods!,” for one; 25. Hairstyles of Sly and the Family Stone; 26. Swamp plants; 27. Escape, as arrest; 28. Jobs in Silicon Valley; 29. Pinnacle; 30. Forbidden acts; 31. QB Favre; 32. Assignments for Sam Spade; 34. Colored part of the eye; 40. Lion’s home; 45. Unflashy; 46. Pita sandwiches; 47. “My pleasure!”; 48. Prefix with knock; 50. Up to the task; 51. Enroll in a witness protection program, say; 52. Apple or maple; 56. Down in the dumps.

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