10.15.11 — From Knickknack to Knock Knock

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Puzzle by Joon Pahk / Edited by Will Shortz

This vexing, variegated, but close-knit little Saturday crossword goes from KNICKKNACK to KNOCK KNOCK packing (or pecking?) a lot in between — CZOLGOSZ / GOES NUTS, FEED ON / DEAD MEAT, ALTAIC / PASHTO, KVETCH / HARANGUE, TSK TSK / AMEN TO THAT, with a dash of CHEETOS for a bit of crunch!

Across — 1. Bibelot, KNICKKNACK; 11. Overweening, SMUG; 15. It really sucks, VAMPIRE BAT; 1997 Home Run Derby Champion TINO Martinez; 17. One-way flights, ESCALATORS; 18. Not again, ONCE; 19. 1973 Nobel Peace Prize decliner Le Duc THO; 20. Singular, OUTRÉ; 21. Has to repeat, maybe, FAILS; 22. Get the best of, CULL; 24. Rodin’s thinker?, TETE; 25. Germany’s University of Duisburg-ESSEN; 26. Wore, HAD ON; 28. Like depleted uranium, DENSE; 30. Lao-TSU; 31. House party?, POL; 33. One who’s got no hope, DEAD MEAT; 35. Frito-Lay product, CHEETOS; 39. Sets at ease, DISARMS; 40. Island state in a 1964 merger, ZANZIBAR; 42 Explorer’s need, LOG; 43. Places for cutters, for short, ORS; 44. Star, CELEB; 46. Try to bite, NIP AT; 50. What a mail carrier might use in self-defense?, LANCE; 52. ELIN Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods; 54. They’re counted at meals: Abbr., CALS; 55. Growls, GNARS; 56. Cousin of a cuter, SLOOP; 58. Nasdaq listing: Abbr., STK; 59. Minotaur, e.g., OGRE; 60. “You said it!”, AMEN TO THAT; 62. Formally appeals, SUES; 63. Malady that typically worsens in the spring, SENIORITIS; 64. You need only scrape the surface to get it, ZEST; 65. 1940 cartoon in which Woody Woodpecker debuted, KNOCK KNOCK.

Down — 1. Beef producer?, KVETCH; 2. Home of Daniel Webster College, NASHUA; 3. “Brrr!”, I’M COLD; 4. Reviewer of books, CPA; 5. Letter before lima in the NATO, KILO; 6. Dog topper, KRAUT; 7. Cleared, NETTED; 8. Decided not to run, ABORTED; 9. Went without control, CAREENED; 10. Gold meas., KTS; 11. Sides of some ancient temples, STOAS; 12. Tend, MINISTER; 13. Steely-gazed pointer, UNCLE SAM; 14. Flips, GOES NUTS; 21. Consumes, FEEDS ON; 23. Funny George, LOPEZ; 27. Classifieds, e.g., NOTICES; 29. Whiz, SAIL; 32. Gray area?, LOBE; 34. “It’s MAGIC!”; 35. Leon CZOLGOSZ, McKinley’s assassin; 36. Vituperation, HARANGUE; 37. Catches up, ENSNARES; 38. They do better when they close early, SALESMEN; 41 Chile RELLENO (Mexican dish); 45. Superhuman, in a way, BIONIC; 47. Afghani tongue, PASHTO; 48. Language family including Mongolian, ALTAIC; 49. “You shouldn’t have”, TSK TSK; 51. Waveform maximum, CREST; 57. Chops in a kitchen, PORK; 60. “Don’t ASK”; 61. When repeated, hero of children’s lit, TIN.


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