10.27.11 — Haunted

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall ghost photograph,
Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1926


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Puzzle by Kurt Mueller / Edited by Will Shortz

HAUNTED (38A. Having spirit?), along with four squares containing the word GHOST” constitutes the interrelated group of this perspicacious Thursday crossword.

  • PALE AS A [GHOST] and [GHOST] TOWN (1-Down, Visibly scared out of one’s wits; 8-Down, Result of a boom and bust, maybe)
  • GIVE UP THE [GHOST] and MARLEY’S [GHOST] (13D, Cash in one’s chips; 47A, Fictional character who says “I wear the chain I forged in life”)
  • [GHOST]WRITERS and [GHOST] OF A CHANCE ((27A, Helps for autobiographers; 27D, Tiny possibility)
  • HOLY [GHOST] and [GHOST]BUSTERS (51D, Trinity member; 69A, 1984 film whose soundtrack had a #1 hit with the same title)

Other — ADAPTED TO (16A. Got comfortable with), BEANIE BABY (11D. Toy collectible of the late ’90s), EATING OUT (14A. Alternative to a home meal), INFATURATES (12D. Enamors), LHASA APSO (61A. Tibetan terrier), ROGER EBERT (29D. “Life Itself: A Memoir” autobiographer, 2011), TSUNAMI (25D. Something of earth-shaking concern?), WOODY ALLEN (28D. Who wrote “It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens”), YES INDEED (67A. “Most certainly!”).

Mid-size — ADELA, ADEUX, AT BAT, CERTS, CYRANO, E-TRADE, ENTER, FREE UP, IN BIG, Italy’s LIPARI Islands, NLERS, OLAF V, PARED, RADDLE (32D. Make by interlacing), UTAHAN, “WHEN I Fall in Love”.

Short stuff — AGE, AHI, ALB, APER, ASU, ATAD, ATF and ATH, AUT, BEE, EAU, EERY, ENT, FOG, HAEC, HEB, I WON, LAC, LOD and SOD, NAE, NHL, OAF, OOO (33A. Spooky sound), PADS, RAUL, RED A (24D. The scarlet letter), REUP, RTE, RUR, SIS, In SITU, TNT, UFO, USDA, USES, USSR, WAN, XTRA, YET.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. “You’re ___ trouble!”; 15. “___ Fall in Love” (1961 hit by the Lettermen); 17. 1957-91 king of Norway; 18. Food-stamping org.; 19. Opposite of flushed; 21. Dundee denial; 22. Classic 1921 play set partly in a factory; 25. Atlanta-based cable channel; 26. In ___ (undisturbed); 31. Make available; 34. For two; 36. Up; 37. Befuddle; 40. Olympic entrant: Abbr.; 41. “A Passage to India” woman; 43. Cut back; 44. Contest in which the rules must be followed to the letter?; 45. 1990 title role for Gérard Depardieu; 49. Caesar’s “these”; 50. Tuna type; 52. On the other hand; 53. Ritual garment; 54. X-File subj.; 55. One of the Castros; 59. Cubbies, e.g.; 66. Altoids alternative; 68. Stage direction. — DOWN: 1. Brake parts; 2. Slightly; 4. Certain M.D.; 5. Senesce; 6. Lay turf on; 7. Self: Prefix; 9. Lucky lottery player’s cry; 10. Senator’s org.; 14. Glace, after thawing; 20. Fed. Bureau; 23. Jazz fan, probably; 26. Part of a band’s performance; 27. Tiny possibility; 30. Start another tour; 35. Additional, in ads; 39. Mysterious: Var.; 42. Fond du ___, Wis.; 46. Buffoon; 48. Major discount brokerage; 54. Cold war inits.; 56. Copycat; 57. Plays for a fool; 58. City near Ben-Gurion Airport; 60. Artery: Abbr.; 62. New Test. Book; 63. The Sun Devils, for short; 64. Auntie, to Dad; 65. Word with black, red or white.

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