10.01.11 — The Saturday Express

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Subject of search engine optimization, PAGE RANK; 9. Changing place, CABANA; 15. It may involve the colon, EMOTICON; 16. Investment option, informally, T-NOTES; 17. Right part of a map, RED STATE; 18. Portmanteau wear, SKORTS; `9. Arsenal decommissioned in 2005, MXS; 20. “The Play About the Baby” playwright, ALBEE; 2. Ease, ABATE; 23. Volunteer’s offer, I CAN; 25. City of the Altiplano, LA PAZ; 27. Abandon, JILT; 28. Certain adjustments, TARES; 30. Flying Dutchman captain of film, DAVY JONES; 32. Fictional character whose first name in Kentaro, MR MOTO; 34. One vertex of the Summer Triangle, DENEB; 35. Big name in confectioneries, EDY; 36. “Delightful!”, YUM; 38. E-5: Abbr., SGT; 39. My country’s follower?, ‘TIS; 42. Ignition trouble, ARSON; 44. Library spot, ALCOVE; 46. Way to see the big picture?, JUMBOTRON; 50. Kind of card, INDEX; 51. French singles, UNES; 52. Foil alternative, SARAN; 54. Spiced quaffs, NOGS; 55. North Atlantic catch, SCROD; 57. SARAN-Obama Proliferation and Threat Reduction Initiative (2007 law); 59. Footnote abbr., LOC; 60. Rung, TOLLED; 62. Time for Conan, informally, LATE NITE; 64. He played Mandela on TV’s “Mandela”, GLOVER; 65. Joins, redundantly, ENTERS IN; 66. Movie genre named for a food staple, OATERS; 67. Starbucks offering, SOY LATTE.

Down — 1. “Step aside, I’ll help”, PERMIT ME; 2. Bit of green in a wallet, AMEX CARD; 3. Side in an epic battle, GOD’S ARMY; 4. Letters for college-bound students, ETS; 5. Annual romance writer’s award, RITA; 6. Place A CALL; 7. “I’m impressed!”, NOT BAD; 8. Bit of in-line skating gear, KNEE PAD; 9. Price abbr., CTS; 10. Canadian singer with three #1 Billboard hits, ANKA; 11. Growing concern for a surgeon, informally?, BOOB JOB; 12. Transportation to Sugar Hill, in a 1941 song, A TRAIN; 13. Get to, NETTLE; 14. They’re positive, ASSETS; 21. Collection sites, of a sort, EAVES; 24. Romantic introduction?, NEO; 26. Company behind the popular social network games FarmVille and CityVille, ZYNGA; 29. Commercial prefix since the 1950s, STYRO; 31. “Romeo Must Die” actor, 2000, JET LI; 33. Bounces, OUSTS; 37. Good, MORAL; 39. Where some write checks, TO-DO LIST; 40. “Bingo!”, I’VE GOT IT; 41. Censor’s target, SEX SCENE; 42. Anarchy, NO RULES; 45. Atlanta’s CNN Center; 46. Angry lover’s dismissal, JUST GO; 47. Beverage nickname, with “the”, UNCOLA; 48. Product of Bordeaux, MERLOT; 49. Olympics site that introduced snowboarding, NAGANO, 53. Smart, NATTY; 56. Bucks and bucks, DEER; 58. Casting need, REEL; 61. Hospital grp., DRS; 63. Kind of card, NRA.


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