04.18.12 — Dancing Squares


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Puzzle by Steven Riley / Edited by Will Shortz

SQUARE DANCE (38A. Hoedown activity … or what each group of circled letters is?), e.g., FANDANGO, HULA, BOOGALOO, HABANERA, HORA and MACARENA constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Across — 1. Brubeck of jazz, DAVE; 5. Newscaster Connie, CHUNG; 10. Gumbo need, OKRA;14. iPad owner’s subscription, EMAG; 15. Hes, MALES; 16. Take seriously, HEED; 17. Canine on a feline, FANG; 18. Get the better of, ONE-UP; 19, Victim of Pizarro, INCA; 20. Makes a father of, ORDAINS; 22. As well, TO BOOT; 24. Growls like a dog, GNARS; 25. Have a loan from OWE TO; 27. Actress Scala, GIA; 29. Pitcher Maglie who was out dueled in Don Larsen’s 1956 perfect game, SAL; 30. Forearm bone-related, ULNAR;32. Five Norse kings, OLAFS;34. Kind of dye, AZO; 35. DER Fuehrer’s Face”; 37. AMYL nitrite (angina treatment); 41. Steady guy, BEAU; 43. Carnaby Street type of the ’60s, MOD; 44. Saldana of “Avatar”, ZOE; 45. Rash-causing shrub, SUMAC; 47. Gaynor of “South Pacific”, MITZI; 49. CBS series set in Vegas, CSI; 52. Constellation with the Stingray Nebula, ARA;53. Microwave brand, AMANA; 55. Place to dry out, REHAB; 57. Margin in a baseball squeaker, ONE RUN; 59. Japanese flower-arranging art, IKEBANA; 61. Declines, with “out”, OPTS; 62. Sir or madam, TITLE; 64. O-REN Ishii (“Kill Bill” character); 65. Hostess snack cake, HOHO; 66. S.U.V. named for a lake, TAHOE; 67. Leave in the dust, LOSE; 68. Places for baths, SPAS; 69. Traffic problem, SNARL; 70. Hit 1998 animated movie, ANTZ.

Down — 1. Clears, as a windshield, DEFOGS; 2. Cuneiform discovery site, AMANA; 3. Graffiti artist, perhaps, VANDAL; 4. See 38-Down, EGGAR; 5. “Let’s go!”, C’MON; 6. Boy band with the hit “MMMBop”, HANSON; 7. Suffix with glob, ULE; 8. Fixed by a vet, NEUTERED; 9. Subject of a 1982 best seller on sexuality, G-SPOT; 10. State with a large Amish population, OHIO; 11. Casino attraction with a “bubble”, KENO GAME; 12. Make right, RECTIFY; 13. Toothpaste letters, ADA; 21. Onetime Trooper and Rodeo maker, ISUZU; 23. “You suck!”, BOO; 26. Attacked energetically, WADED IN; 28. Words for the deaf: Abbr., ASL; 31. Rich soil, LOAM; 33. Spike, as punch, LACE; 34. Pastel hue, AQUA; 36. Give a Bronx cheer, RAZZ; 38. With 4-Down, “The Collector” co-star, SAMANTHA; 39. Like surnames ending in -escu, ROMANIAN; 40. Bête NOIRE; 41. “Be Prepared” org., BSA; 42. Abba’s music genre, EUROPOP; 46. Part of a Lionel set, CAR; 48. Either of two characters in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, TAILOR; 49. Styx ferryman, CHARON; 50. Least likely to lose it, SANEST; 51. Big guitar brand, IBANEZ; 54. Pups without papers, MUTTS; 56. “The Hot Zone” virus, EBOLA; 58. Those, in Tijuana, ESOS; 60. Boat’s backbone, KEEL; 61. 17 of them are sung before “my gosh” in a 2010 #1 Usher hit, OHS; 63. Everyday article in rap titles, THA.


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