04.19.12 — Outside Rs

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Puzzle by Sean Dobbin / Edited by Will Shortz

OUTSIDERS (35A. Nonmembers … or what 4-, 7- and 10-Down lack?), OCK AND ROLL SINGE (4D. Checker or Domino), ESIGNATION LETTE (7D. It may include two weeks’ notice) and ELIGIOUS REFORME (10D. John Calvin, e.g.) constitute the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ALIASES, ANTOINE (40D. Fats Domino’s real first name), CASSAVA (1D. Tapioca source), DRESSES, DURABLY, EDITION, IN ERROR, NAILED UP (48A. Like horseshoes on barn doors), NITPICKS (26A. Carps), OPEN SEA, SELECTS, TEST KIT, VENDETTA (28A. Blood feud), VASTEST.

Mid-size — ANN LEE, ASANTE (24A. “Thank you,“ in Swahili), BOOTIE, COTAN, EASING, GWENS, HASTO, I KNOW, IN TOW, IS IT I, NOTRE, OUSTS, PENANT, PREOP, POINT B, SAFIRE (52A. He once wrote “Last but not least, avoid clichés like the plague), SANA’A (20A. World capital at 7,200+ feet elevation), VIALS.

Short stuff — ALEC, ASTR, ATE, AUTO, CAPO, EGON, ENYA, ERIN and ERIS, ESTD, ETAT, GETS, HOER, ILSE, LAC Neuchâtel, LEER, MOLE, ODEA, PHI, POOR (27D. Ones protected by a safety net, with “the”), RASE, REDO, RIBS,SINK, SKEW, SONG, TREE, TROI, TUSH, USES, WES, WORN.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. It can change one’s tune; 5. Before the procedure, informally; 10. Abbr. on many a cornerstone; 14. ___ Treveyan, villain in the James Bond film “GoldenEye”; 15. Must; 16. Wolf whistle accompanier, maybe; 17. Put in the hole; 18. Question asked in Matthew 26:22; 19. Actress Steppat of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”; 22. Certain Ghostbuster; 23. Groks; 30. One of a pair of items often given at a baby shower; 31. Stellar start?; 32. “Das ___” (Volkswagen slogan); 34. Shows the door; 38. Pharmacy stock; 41. Part of a landscaping team; 42. Makeover; 46. Old Shaker leader; 48. Like horseshoes on barn doors; 50. Embarks; 53. “Star Trek: T.N.G.” role; 54. Slant; 56. Trig function; 57. Blarney source; 58. Following behind; 60. Barbecue fare; 61. It may be broken into on Broadway; 62. Jean-Luc Godard film “___ Musique”; 63. Spymaster’s worry; 64. Put in a difficult spot; 65. Music’s Stefani and others; 66. Recording artist made famous by the BBC series “The Celts”. — DOWN: 1. Tapioca source; 2.Ellery Queen and others; 3. It’s decided in the fall; 5. Fraternity character; 6. Destroy, in Devon; 8. 10th-century Holy Roman emperor; 9. End of many trips; 11. Superior things; 12. Drug or DNA home-use set; 13. Does a morning routine; 21. Corroded; 25. Floride, par exemple; 29. Bottom; 33. Ancient concert halls; 36. Gets high, say; 37. Dwarf planet beyond Pluto; 38. Most widespread; 39. Mistakenly; 43. Dictionary specification; 44. So as to last; 45. It’s far from shore; 47. Providing relief for; 51. “You don’t have to tell me”; 55. Old-looking; 59. Montgomery of Jazz.

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