04.13.12 — Good Luck

Friday, April 13, 2012

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Six fifteen-letter answers are the main feature of this lucky Friday crossword:

GIVE ME ONE REASON (1A. “I’d like to hear any justification at all”)
IN ONE’S SALAD DAYS (16A. Young and inexperienced)
SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW (17. “Yeah, and …?”)
YOUR PLACE OR MINE (56A. Bar cliché)
INSTRUMENT PANEL (61A. It shows many flight numbers)
PASSES ON DESSERT (62A. Doesn’t take the cake?)

Other — FILM REELS (41A. Frames wind up on them), FREE STATE (31A. Antebellum Ohio, e.g.), MEAN / WELL (5D. With 35-Down, have no malice), ROOF TRUSS (32D. Upper house support), SAN RAFAEL (13D. Seat of Marin County, Calif.).

Mid-size — AD SITES, COWBIRD (36A. Follower of grazing cattle), CRANNY, EDITED, ENABLER, ENHANCE, ENIGMA, ENTWINE, IT HURTS, NEESON, N Y TIMES (23D. Winner of over 100 Pulitzer Prizes, briefly), RAGTOP, SEMPRE, TITANS (18A. Olympians brought them down).

Five-letter — DEFOE (30A. “Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress“ novelist), ETAIL, FT LEE, LEFTS, IN OIL, IOWAS, LETHE, STINE, TONER, VOW TO.

Short stuff — Odi et AMO“, ARPS, AS OF, CEN, DEO volente, EAT, EEN, ELOI, END, ERRS, ESTS, GIST, Das IST gut!”, LON, NAL, NSW, ON A good day, OSE and OYE, PELT, RAES, REC, ROTE, RUMP, SAWN, STIR, WTO, YIP.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Flutter the eyelids, say; 20. First name in horror; 21. “I should ___ die with pity”: King Lear; 24. Surfing business; 27. Hole in the wall; 34. Like much lumber; 35. Intl. group whose biennial conferences are focuses of protest; 38. Put away; 39. Word repeated before “lama sabachthani” in Mark 15; 43. Some crosses; 45. “Love Actually” co-star, 2003; 46. River that the dead drank from, in myth; 47. You may leave them in stitches: Abbr.; 51. Bottom; 53. Convertible. — DOWN: 1. You’ll get it from CliffsNotes; 2. Way to fry; 3. Promise one will; 4. Better; 6. Quoted figs.; 7. Sweet ending?; 8. Big inits. In paperback publishing; 9. Urban rumblers; 10. Pulitzer-winning poet Armantrout and others; 11. Ready for publication; 14. “Listen up!,” to Luis; 15. State bordering the Pacific: Abbr.; 21. Tangle up; 22. One who shouldn’t be helping; 25. Chiwere speakers; 26. Time to abstain; 28. Things done for fun, for short; 29. From; 31. Home of the U.S. Army Women’s Museum; 33. Misunderstands, say; 40. “Ow-w-w!”; 42. They’re hard to figure out; 44. Always, in scores; 49. “Rotten School” series author; 50. Photographer’s bath; 52. Underscore neighbor; 53. Mindless; 54. Some MoMA works; 55. Hide; 56. Small bark; 58. “Odi et ___”: Catullus; 59. 2000s, e.g.: Abbr.; 60. One may be tight.

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