07.31.15 — The Friday Crossword

M. C. Escher, Drawing Hands, 1948


Friday, July 31, 2015

Puzzle by James Mulhern and Ashton Anderson
Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ATOM ANT (3D. Slight ’60s superhero); AUTO-TUNE (15A. Musical tool on Time’s list of “50 Worst Inventions”); BAIT CAR (20A. Help in catching an auto thief); CANKLES (51A. Lower leg woe, slangily); DAS BOOT (1D. Oversize Oktoberfest vessel named after a classic film); DRAG SHOW (1A. It often features diva impersonators); ESCHER (60A. Drawer of paradoxes); GET WEIRD (61A. Turn awkward as a relationship); HULA SKIRT (6D. Hipster’s dance wear?); KETEL ONE (35D. Vodka with an “Oranje” variety); KERPLOP (13D. Sound head before ripples are seen); RUN AMOK (2D. Go nuts); SEXY BEAST (32D. Hunk); SLY DOG (54A. Cunning sort); SNOBALLS (17A. Sister brand of Twinkies); TALK BIG (39D. Crow); TOODLES (37D. “Cheerio!”).


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