ISIS IS ISIS -- Puns and Anagrams

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Puns and Anagrams -- Puzzle by Mel Taub, edited Will Shortz
Across: 1. Leaves 500 steers in the lurch; 8. Hot spots for envoys? Why not?; 13. Doubt over corrosion caused by fog; 14. Put dieter back in a bind; 16. Some trip for a pony; 17. Abe, 5 -- he won’t act up; 18. S&M skills show intelligence; 19. Goddess exists redundantly; 21. Jewel Margaret returned; 22. Like a lot of Deseret; 23. Back of Cosmo; 24. Tan finish; 25. “Tis a follower; 26. It may advertise a rifle; 28. Roman gangster’s name; 29. Bread said to be pilfered; 31. Dear Mel: see 21-Across; 33. Top-quality abalone shell; 34. Ruins the reputation of seamen; 35. If start is beginning …; 38. See monies in these; 42. It climbs 51 + 1 + 1; 43. Nice one for very old Brits; 45. Can this abbr. signify very old?; 46. Queen has article read out loud; 47. Gifts on the isle of Maui; 48. One hundred way back in time; 49. Car radio letters; 50. It acts as a support for a broken arm; 51. Larry the warlock; 53. Meat that turns mongrel on; 55. What 18 can be for a child’s parents; 57. Pointed to spider; 58. Pugs read newer software versions; 59. Lots of S.C. commercials; 60. Like Medes at angry moments.
Down: 1. At times, M.D. is far from brightest; 2. Pot era’s grass; 3. Where to get rose tea; 4. Nothing from 3-Down, formerly; 5. Channels scrambled between Q and V; 6. Set literary initials; 7. Artie’s bands; 8. Part of incisor biting gum; 9. Eve’s peace signs; 10. The end of many ordinal numbers; 11. Where a G.I. ran a turbine; 12. Reveals three or four, say; 13. What Sims is, when she gets married; 15. Damned requirement; 20. It reuses guarantees; 23. Enough neckwear for the Supreme Court?; 24. Trunk roots; 26. Woman for Al; 27. Cariou’s glass; 28. Unlikely response to a crime in France; 30. Frankie who sang a line or two; 32. Semi-mannered educator; 35. Frightens the L.A. Rams; 36. In which coins are collected for PC units; 37. A fit can describe him; 39. Emma and Dan are not natural; 40. Confined to dance, e.g.; 41. What sightseers in Essen see; 44. Curt is getting vitamin C from it; 47. &&&&& times X; 48. “Ah” and “OMG” in old writing; 50. Student who learned nothing in Dec.; 51. Like, uh, G.E. corporation; 52. City where a raga might be heard; 54. Duce’s predecessor; 56. Top pick.
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