11.14.08 -- Objects in the Puzzle

Jurassic Park, 1993
Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz
DORSALFIN (15A. Worrisome sight at a beach) trolls to mind the film “Jaws” with its elusive monster shark, and TAILGATER (55A. Menace in the mirror), "Jurassic Park", with the rear view mirror of a Jeep reflecting the image of a T-Rex underlined with the phrase “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” -- it's on the wrong side of the vehicle -- the phrase appears only on the passenger side. Confusion aside, nothing is scarier than a COOPBOARD (17A. Screeners of would-be buyers) that nest of ILLHUMOR (12D. Sourness) as distant as a LAMASERY (34A. “Lost Horizon” setting) and as menacing as a TRAWLNET (14D. A sole might get caught in it).
Completing the roll call of longer entries are the less sedulous BERETTA (38D. Big pistol maker); CREAMSODA (1A. A&W offering), DISTICH (40D. Couplet); FLATIRON (33A. Monopoly token), INFORMAL (35D.Colloquial), SEMOLINA (13D. Pasta source) and TVCONSOLE (59A. Piece of den furniture) in this T.G.I.F. crossword.
People scattered throughout the puzzle include AEHOUSMAN (61A. Poet who’s the subject of Tom Stopper’s “The Invention of Love”); AMIN (30A. Role for which Whitaker won Best Actor of 2006); ANGELA (44D. Pianist Hewitt who recorded the complete keyboard works of Bach); DENIRO (42A. “The Godfather Part II” Oscar winner); ITO (54. Sino-Japanese War statesman); LARUE (26D. Star of old horse operas); SARTRE (31A. He wrote “Hell is other people”); SEURAT (36A. “Eden Concert” artist; along with FLICKA (33A. Ken McLaughlin’s filly) and an EROTIC (3D. Capable of generating heat) 38A. BODICE ripper (historical romance).
Mid-size entries are ANDANTE (9D. Not so fast; BARREN (45D. Unfruitful); BERETTA (38D. Big pistol maker); CDCASE (1D. Record holder); CUSTOM (43D. Convention); DIRTIER (8D. Comparatively corrupt); HERETO (28A. In this manner); OFASORT (7D. In some way); ONLEAVE (39D. Off for a stretch); ROOSTS (2D. Is out on a limb, maybe).
Five-letter entries AMASS (49D. Roll up) solver-friendly fare such as ASPIC (4D. Edible mold); IDLER (16A. Shiftless type); KHAKI (24D. Uniform choice); LANAI (37A. Locale for an outdoor party); NYLON (60A. String stuff); PECOS (32D. Red Bluff Dam’s river); ORATE (58A. Avail oneself of a rostrum); PRONE (32A. One way to lie); REMIT (53A. Invoice verb); SAUNA (48A. Box at the gym?); SCAMS (31D. They often take people in); SELMA (18A. March site mentioned in “Eve of Destruction”); STATE (20A. Chihuahua, e.g.); STICK (23A. Have a permanent effect); WAIST (10A. Concern of many a dieter).
Objects in the puzzle that may be closer than they appear include ADE, AMFM, ASTI, CAB, DUH, ERA, ESC, GNU, HOW, ITO, ISR, LOO, LULL, MAB, MSGR, OINK, SIR, SLO, TAOS, TKO.
Da doom, da doom… da doom, da doom!
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Xword search information -- 19. Grignolino d’___ (Italian red wine); 22. A question of methodology; 25. Cousin of a squeal; 26. Gift to an overworked salesperson; 27. PC way out?; 41. Kind of tuner; 43. Crane operator’s spot; 46. Resort near the Rio Grande Gorge; 47. Bookmarked collection; 50. Land that’s around 16% Muslim: Abbr.; 52. Eccles. Dignitary. Down: 5. Mercutio speech subject; 6. Warning in a school zone; 10. Fresh; 11. Certain pitcher; 21. It stops the swinging, briefly; 29. Legis. Introduced into every session of Congress from 1923 to 1970; 36. Business letter recipient?; 42. “Well, obviously!”; 51. Cooper’s co-star in “The Wedding Night,” 1935; 56. Drawing-room game in “Pride and Prejudice”; 57. African with a white beard.

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