11.21.08 -- Surprise!

Jack in the Box -- ©Bruno Krippahl.
Friday, November 21, 2008
Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz
Other than a few tough surprises, not a lot to say about this frightening T.G.I.F. crossword!
The coundown starts with entries of eleven letters -- COMESTOPASS (19D. Transpires); IMLISTENING (31A. “Go ahead with your proposal”);
LIBERTYPOLE (16D. Symbol of dissent against British rule); PANTYGIRDLE (33A. Unmentionable); QUEENREGENT (14D. Title assumed by Margaret Tudor in 1513); SKYETERRIER (29A. Scottish dog breed).
Ten letters -- AMENDMENTS (26A. They affect one’s constitution); DEPILATING (6D. Removing hair from, as the body); DININGHALL (27D. Campus gathering place);
SPRINGOPEN (35A. What jack-in-the boxes do).
No nine, eight -- GLOOMIER (32D. Not as bright); LUNATICS (16A. Bedlamites);
NAGASAKI (3D. “Madame Butterfly” setting); ONEHORSE (47A. Small and insignificant).
No seven, six --
DORMERS (52A. Projecting windows); EPSILON (34D. Electromotive force symbol); 24D. William HERNDON, law partner of Abraham Lincoln; OLYMPIA (22D. State capital with just 42,000 people); ONASSIS (2D. Billionaire who bought the Greek island Skorpios); QUEPASA (14A. Greeting in Granada).
Five -- ATTILA (49A. King who had an audience with Pop Leo I); EMBOSS (54A. Print up?); ENABLE (13A. Authorize); ESCORT (11D. Conduct); GNOMES (7A. Garden pests in Harry Potter books); ICIEST (18A. Least welcoming); LEARNS (55A. Doesn’t repeat one’s mistake); LIVEON (53A. Pay the bills with); MAIDEN (10D. Horse that has never won a race); PERNOD (1D. Clear liqueur); PHENOM (36D. Prodigy); PONIED (1A. Paid, with “up”);
RAGMOP (15A. 1950 #1 hit for the Ames Brothers), R-A-G R-A-G-G M-O-P M-O-P-P ; REVERB (37D. Label on an amplifier knob); SASHES (12D. Military uniform accouterments); SEDANS (39D. Civics, e.g.); STRODE (35D. Moved with authority); WEALTH (44A. Means).
Fours and threes -- DIAL, DOH, ELAN, ELO, ERRS (45D. Guesses wrong), GUNS, HERE, HMO, IBM, LOBE, MEIR, MID, NEAT, NOSE, NSA, OOPS (38A. Word of dismay), OPT, OSSO, PONG, REV, THEA, TIE, TVA, WOES (44D. Things to worry about).
That's everything! Wait! Here’s a jack-out-of-the-box!
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Xword search information -- Across: 17A. Hush-hush org.; 20. “Am I an idiot!”; 21. ___ buco; 2. Brain part; 24. Possible response to name-calling?; 25. Gauge part; 38. Word of dismay; 40. Singer/songwriter Gilmore; 41. Table game with paddles, slangily; 42. Holder of spectacles; 43. Relig. Title; 46. Neither high nor low. Down: 4. Co. whose employees have won four Nobel Prizes; 5. “Telephone Line” band, briefly; 7. They’re held by stocks; 8. Bar request; 9. Show a preference; 28. Russian-born Israeli leader; 30. Dash; 44. Things to worry about; 45. Guesses wrong; 48. Grp. That charges premiums; 50. ___ fighter (“Star Wars” ship); 51. Corp. created by F.D.R.

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