11.03.08 -- Verbs and Votes

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Puzzle by Susan Gelfand, edited by Will Shortz

I know, I know, it’s not Tuesday! EMILYPOSTS (17A. Etiquette expert writes messages online?); STEVIEWONDERS (26A. Singer speculates?); WINSLOWHOMERS (42A. Artist clears the bases?); and HELENHUNTS (56A. Actress searches?) are the interrelated entries on this back-to-work who-are-you-going-to-vote-for-tomorrow Monday. Turning the second half of a proper name into a verb through the addition of an S, resulting in a very short sentence is this puzzle’s fun gimmick, though it could include ALGORES (Environmentalist slaughters bull?). Oop!, enough of the election already!

Other long entries are MALTSHOP (36D. Bobbysoxer’s hangout) and TASMANIA (D. One of the six states of Australia); SKYDIVE (5D. Jump from a plane) and
SMASHER (41D. See 53-Down) paired with ATOM (53D. With 41-Down, nuclear device).

Six-letter entries --
BROWSE (6D. Read a little here and there); COYOTE (10D. Cousin of the gray wolf); GHOSTS (48A. Many Halloween costumes); HIKERS (44D. Parkgoers with backpacks); 22A. Dog : barked :: cat : MEOWED; and NESTLE (43D. Butterfinger candy bar maker).

Five-letter -- 1. “Green ACRES” of 1960s TV; CAULK (14A. Fill the crevices of as a window frame); ESTOP (61A. Bar legally); MEDEA (36A. Princess who helped Jason); ROOMS (64A. Hotel offerings); SHAVE (31A. Eliminate the stubble); SHREW (26D. One “tamed” in Shakespeare); SKIDS (30D. Loses control on a snowy road, say); SWEDE (41A. Ingrid Bergman or Bjorn Borg); TARSI (27D. Ankle bones);
RIVER (29D. Potomac, for one); WIDOW (28D. To whom a husband leaves an estate).

Three- and four-letter - ACED, AMT, AVIV, AVOW, AWES, AXEL, BRAT (6A. Spoiled kid), CALF, CAME, DEWY, DEN, EATS, EGOS (37D. They’re subject to inflation), ELL, ENDS, ERRS, EVA and EVE, FLED (13D. Skipped town), GNAW, HEXA, IDAS, IKE, IRIS, LAKE,
NEXT, OAT, ODIN, ONTO, OVAL (16D. Zero-shaped) and OVER and out“ (60A), OXEN, PAGO, PAWS, PEDI, PSAT, REVS, RIDS (24A. Frees of), ROMA, ROSY, RUIN, SEX, SKIS, SLEW, TSPS, USO, WANE and WANT (25A. Poverty), WORE, YOKE and finally, XES (39A. Ballot marks).



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Xword information -- Across: 10. Bossy’s offspring; 15. Capital of Italia; 19. Device for a plow team; 20. Thieves’ locale; 21. Moist, as morning grass; 32. Pupil’s surrounder; 33. ___ & Tina Turner Revue; 35. Misjudges; 38. Tel ___; 40. When repeated, a Samoan city; 46. Food, informally; 47. Actress Lupino and others; 51. Cross-country ___; 52. Grain in Cheerios; 55. Announcement for the head of a queue; 59. Skater’s jump; 61. Bar legally; 62. Decrease, as the moon; 63. Rover’s “hands”; 64. Hotel offerings. Down: 1. Scored perfectly on; 2. Arrived; 3. Damage beyond repair; 4. 90” pipe turn; 7. Pink, as cheeks; 8. Gal. or qt.; 121. Declare openly; 12. Great Salt ___; 18. Foot: Prefix; 23. Wraps up; 24. Guns, as an engine; 25. Had on; 31. Gender; 34. Cain and Abel’s mother; 38. Inspires reverence in; 40. Warm-up exam for future collegians; 45. Chief Norse god; 48. Chew (on); 49. Six: Prefix; 50. Plow team; 51. Whole lot; 52. Aware of; 54. Recipe measures: Abbr.; 57. Actress Longoria; 58. G.I. uplifter.

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