11.01.08 -- Two-Way Street

South Shields, King Street, 1905. Postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons of London, Town & City Series
Saturday, November 1, 2008
Puzzle by Donald K. Willing, edited by Will Shortz
Love the fact that The Times is mixing it up a bit, probably much to the consternation of the puzzle police who have determined what all the rules should be now and forever and are likely scampering this way and that unable to direct traffic that won’t follow their commands. Hey, let's take the hum out of ho hum!
This Saturday’s puzzle is an excellent example of the above -- a two-way street! The entries of the fifteen lines across alternate from left to right / right to left, with seven lines winding up backwards to illustrate STEERTS YAW-OWT (35A. Many thoroughfares .. Or what this puzzle’s Across answers consist of?), the central entry of the crossword.
The forward entries -- 1. BLAME (It’s often laid on someone else); 6. ROD (Gun-cleaning aid); 9. SAHIB (Indian honorific); 17. ALTERNATEROUTES (Detours); 23. CAFÉ (Site for a bite); 25. SEPAL (Calyx component); 27. TETE (27. Beret holder); 31. DECREE (31. Court order); 33. RAFER (Decathlete Johnson); 39. ARSON (Illegal match play?); 40. NETHER (Infernal); 48. LEST (In case); 49. DEPOT (Stepping-off point); 50. CALM (Sailboat stopper); 55. REVERSEDECISION (Possible result of an appeal); 63. SERTA (Spring Air competitor); 64. FDA (Org. that may call for a recall); 65. ESSEN (City in North Rhine-Westphalia).
The backwards entries -- 14. EIREA (High-altitude home); 15. ECI (Motel freebie); 16. TPODA (Take on); 20. ISPEP (Its slogan was once “More bounce to the ounce”); 21. DEW (Espouse); 22. TAH (Panama, e.g.); 28. ILA (Onetime ring master); 29. STRAW (Some blemishes); 30. NARER (Showed again); 35. STEERTSYAWOWT; 42. FRACS (Aid in avoiding the draft?); 45. NITAL (Mass communication?); 47. ELO (World Cup cry); 51. AVE (Stowe girl); 52. AID (Square on un calendario); 53. PILUT (Cousin of a hyacinth); 60. ERESI (Rhone feeder); 61. AIK (Rio producer); 62. TPEDA (Crackerjack).
For all of that, the down entries of the puzzle are quite, well -- normal! The clues: Comic actress BEA Lillie; 2. Start of many rappers’ stage names; 3. Dig discovery; 4. Predecessor of Thomburgh in the cabinet; 5. Marshal played by Fonda, Costner and Lancaster; 6. Person who’s combining; 7. 10/: Abbr.; 8. Ebbed; 9. Pack; 10. Seller of Squishees on “The Simpsons”; 11. Like Venus vis-à-vis Mercury; 12. Come up with something; 13. Critic and then some; 18. Cranes constructing homes, e.g.; 19. Minister’s area: Abbr.; 23. “Le CID” (Jules Massenet opera); 24. Intoxicating round; 26. Member of the carrot family; 27. Fool’s place; 29. 27-Down users, e.g.; 30. NEWEL post (railing supporter); 32. Not keep a poker face; 34. One who’s more than devoted; 36. Unable to hit pitches?; 37. Total alternative; 38. Determine; 41. CD follower; 42. Some pyrotechnics; 43. Make a shrine to, say; 44. “Yours” alternative; 46. Seat of Shawnee County; 49. Talk trash about; 50. Canine features; 52. High-culture strains; 54. Not so rich, informally; 56. It’s somewhere in the neighborhood: Abbr.; 57. Impersonated; 58. Stanzaic salute; 59. Staple of Indian cuisine.
Loved it! Well, after all, love is a two-way street!
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Anonymous said...

Donald, did you construct today's crossword puzzle?! Love the blog.

DONALD said...


Good heavens no! I don't have the expertise, but can admire Mr. Willing for his!

The shared name of Donald is a coincidence, but the shared appreciation of his puzzle is genuine.

Have a good weekend!

cornbread hell said...

great puzzle! almost as impressive as 1 million visits...cool.