11.15.08 -- Space Junk

Orbital Debris, NASA
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Starting off this crossword is SPACEJUNK clued as Debris around the world?; 10. Runs through is STABS; 15. Immunologist’s concern, TOLERANCE; 16. Shape on a potter’s wheel is the verb THROW; 17. Getting there, one is ONONESWAY; 18. KRONA is 100 öre; 19. Heavily monitored areas: Abbr. is the oft-seen crossword staple ICUS, a need for a six-letter entry would result in ICARUS; 20. Great Plains dweller, more and more non-humans are referred to as dwellers in crosswords, this time it is a PRAIRIE DOG; 22. Medical emblems, the plural of caduceus - an insignia used by the medical profession modeled after the staff of Hermes - CADUCEI; 24. Court couple? is NETS?; 25. Breeds is SORTS, not SIRES; 27. Aegis bearer is ATHENA, carrier of the mythological protective shield of Zeus; 31. VALEOFTEARS, Sorrows experienced in life; 35. SOP is Bread, at times; 36. AVIS is Flier at the Forum; 37. Hip-hop’s Roc-a-FELLA Records; 38. Game dealt by Doc Holliday, FARO; 39. Detector of les odeurs, NEZ; 40. DONALD TRUMP said “Everything in life is luck" and is probably not the first or only one to do so; 42. ERASER is given the clue of Clearing aid, likely a play on hearing aid; 44. More foreignese with HOMME, Grown-up garçon; 45. VEDA -- Hindu scripture; 47. Saw the light results in being WISEDUP; 51. SLEEPERCAR is Option for a long train trip; 55. Blight, BANE; 56. They're taken in for treatment, PILLS; 57. The long-gone ALBALONGA is Romulus and Remus's legendary birthplace; 59. AMATI is the Family name in 16th- and 17th- century music; 60. BULLDOZER is most certainly a Leveler; 61. Timepiece that's often knocked off has many possibilities, here it is a ROLEX; and 62. Reacts to a strong sock -- well, SEESSTARS!
Down: 1. A man after my own heart, a STOIC, Bullet-biting type, starts this group off right; 2. PONCA was Standing Bear's tribe; 3. Being Not tacit is ALOUD; 4. CENSUSES are Big counting jobs; 5. Found it odd that ERE is clued as Fore, why? I don't know; 6. The jumble of letters JASPERFFORDE is "The Eyre Affair novelist, 2001; 7. Tacit results in being UNWRITTEN; 8. Omnipresent NCAA, the Hall of Champions org.; 9. Record, as data, KEYIN; 10. Basseterre locale is STKITTS; 11. THRESH which crosses THROW is clued as What combines do; 12. AROD is the Youngest player to join the 500-homer club; 13. BONO is the word for Good for Caesar?, something other than ETTU; 14. Party giveaways, in slang is SWAG, seems I missed out; 21. REARADMIRALS is the desired answer for They're over captains; 23. Today's Sweet-talk? clue results in COO; 26. SELAH is a Psalms interjection; 28. ESAU is clued as Venison preparer in the Bible, most certainly adhering to the strict law concerning the draining of blood from an animal before eating it; 29. NORM is Rule; 30. APOP is Singly; 31. Here a VANE turns on a turbine; 32. AVER is to Confirm; 33. LIZA is Dudley's "Arthur co-star; 34. The short clue of O.K. becomes the long entry of ALLOWABLE; 38. FREEBOOT, from the Dutch vrijbuiter, is Maraud; 40. Can is the colloquial DEEPSIX; 41. TMS (trademarks) are Corp. identifiers; 43. Not at all chubby results in being SVELTE; 46. ARABS are some People in burnooses; 48. Ken Spacey's co-star in the 1999 revival of "The Iceman Cometh" wants Tony DANZA for an answer -- incidentally, I paid $100 for a ticket and forgot to go!; 49. Felix UNGER is the Noted TV neatnik; 50. Bottom-heavy edibles are PEARS; 51. This crossword clues SPAR as an Airplane wing supporter; 52. Brass wheels? (note that question mark) is a LIMO; 53. Any crossword solver knows from various clues to take ELAL, but is given a choice today -- Alternative to Arkia or Israir; 54. CLUE is clued as an Investigation aid; and finally, 58. Denom. established in 1830 is LDS, not to be confused with its similarly over-used cousin of LSD.
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DONALD said...

The Iceman Cometh alludes to Matthew 25: 5-6 "While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh" (Michael Manheim. The Cambridge Companion to Eugene O'Neill. Cambridge, 1998, 84) and an old joke: A salesman comes home early; finding no ice for the drink he wants, he yells upstairs to his wife, "Honey, has the iceman come yet?" She replies, "Not yet, but he's puffing pretty hard."