11.07.08 -- Miscellaneous

Selfillumination by Andre Kutscherauer
Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz
Sharing their M in the center of the grid, electronically oriented gadgetry, e.g., INSTANTMESSAGES (8D. E-mail alternatives) and KARAOKEMACHINES (36A. Self-contained music equipment) are the main entries of today’s crossword.
In the four corners are trios of eight-letter entries. Upper left: KAWASAKI (1A. Big name in bikes); BRAVEMAN (15A. Medal of Honor recipient, say); TAXICABS (17A. Hotel waiters?). Upper right: GRIDIRON (12D. Where guards are stationed); HOTISSUE (13D. Highly sought shares); TEESHOTS (14D. Drives). Lower left: KIDSMEAL (36D. Smaller fare, usually); ACAPELLA (37D. Like many doo-wop groups: Var.); RENEWALS (38D. Big part of magazine income). Lower right: GIRLTALK (60A. It’s heard at a slumber party); ERICIDLE (63A. “Spamalot” lyricist); SEEDLESS (65A. Like some watermelons). Two more eight-letter entries are THAWSOUT (34A. Sits beside a fireplace, perhaps) and ICESKATE (40A. Half a pair for pairs).
In the opposite direction in the four corners are trios of six-letters entries. Upper left: KBTOYS (1D. Retail chain popular with kids); ARABIA (2D. Coffee source); WAXING (3D. Not yet full). Upper right: ALIGHT (9A. Happen [upon]); MONROE (16A. Doctrine developer of 1823); INCITE (18. Be a catalyst for). Lower left: ELAPSE (58A. Go by); ALLIED (62A. In it together); LASERS (64A. Depilatory equipment). Lower right: INVADE (46D. Irrupt); KNELLS (47D. Sounds ominously); AWAKES (48D. See 50-Down), which pairs with RISER (50D. One who 48-Down), huh? Scattered about are ALASKA (28D. Its motto is “North to the future”); IMLATE (55A. Untimely comment?); KABUKI (7D. Drama in which male actors play both male and female parts); NUTMEG (20A. Flavoring in a Tom and Jerry); ROSINA (26D. Almaviva serenades her in “The Barber of Seville”); SATIRE (44D. “The Colbert Report” and such).
Five-letter entries: AERIE (52D. Thing to soar to and from); AMANA (6D. Dryer maker); IRISH (25A. Temper, informally); ETAIL (39D. What PayPal facilitates); ISAAK (51A. “Wicked Game” singer, 1991); LAIKA (45A. Space traveler of 1957) along with MISHA (21D. Bear cub mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics); SAGAN (27A. “Contact” author, 1985); SAKAI (24A. Port on Osaka Bay); SNOOK (24D. Thumbing-the-nose gesture); SPEAR (49A. Grass unit); WHELK (35D. Snail variety).
Three- and four-letter -- AMIE, AVIS, DANK, DIS, INC, INST, KEN (41A. Burns into film); LCD, LOS, MEDS, MEW, NNW, ORSO, PIE, SEC, SKAT, TACK, TASS, UTIL, UVEA, and YIN, elaborately clued as part of a philosophical dichotomy.
Oh, and LONGI (10D. Piece of pi?)!
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cornbread hell said...

Kevin's favorite letter? K.

10 Ks in the answers. is that some Kind of record?(9 Ks in the clues is less interesting...)