02.03.09 -- How Ironic!

Iron maiden…
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Puzzle by Katie Yeager, edited by Will Shortz
ISNT IT IRONIC (55A. Musical question posed by Alanis Morissette, as suggested by 20-, 33- and 40-Across), SILVER DOLLAR (20A. Coin composed of copper, nickel, zinc and manganese), PERMANENT WAVE (33A. Hair treatment that generally lasts three to six months) and NEW YORK GIANTS (40A. Pro football team based in New Jersey) are the interrelated entries of this Tuesday crossword.
The metal iron, along with the alloys mentioned in the clue, is used in the silver dollar, a curling iron is or has been involved in the permanent wave, and the field of play for football is called the gridiron (because it resembles a cooking device). The irony is that the silver dollar is not silver, the permanent wave is temporary and the New York Giants are in New Jersey. Iron and irony!
ALGIERS (43D. Capital on the Mediterranean), AQUAVIT (9D. Clear Scandinavian liquor), BEDROOM (5D. Bureau locale) and ORISONS (41D. Prayers) are the next longest entries, prompting an image of inebriated supplications in an exotic boudoir -- “come with me to the
Conversation in QUOTE (16A. Kind of mark) -- 17A. “It was ALL A mistake,” RAD (38A. “Far out!”); SAYS NO (23A. Refuses);
NOR (47A. Word before “rain,” “heat” and “gloom of night” in a postal creed); 48A. “Take Me as I AM”; a GIGGLE (50A. Girlish laugh); 25A. “THAT’S what you think!”; 26A. “WE’VE Only Just Begun”.
People in the puzzle -- BURR (10D. Victor in a duel with Hamilton); CELIA (2D. Anagrammatic cousin of Alice or Lacie); a DOER (64A. Go-getter); an EMIR (65A. Kuwaiti pooh-bah); an ENGR (21D. Mechanical whiz: Abbr.); EDIE (35D. Singer Brickell); ENYA (34D. “Orinoco Flow” singer); an IDOL (56D. Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe);
O’LEARY (45A. Catherine whose cow is said to have started the Great Chicago Fire); REDD (68A. Foxx of “Sanford and Son”); RYAN (42D. TV host Seacrest); SELA (46A. Actress Ward); SLAVS (4D. Czechs and Poles) and a TWIT (32D. Pipsqueak) joined by a GONER (51D. One who’s toast), a GNOME (52D. Knee-high, bearded figure) and the GODS (28A. Pantheon members).
9A. The Beatles’ “ABBEY Road” raises the question of namesake -- is it an abbey, or the abbey as in Westminster Abbey -- Abbey Road is in Westminster. Or is there a someone Abbey? Here are some interesting links for Abbey Road --
Wikipedia on Abbey Road (album) -- Wikipedia on Abbey Road (street) --Live Web Cam, Visit Abbey Road -- Answers.com, Abbey Road (Street) -- and just for fun, Abbey Road homage covers. Unfortunately, none answer the question posed at the start of this paragraph.
What’s left? WITHER (31A. Shrivel) and five-letter entries of AMASS (1D. Stockpile) and TALLY (3D. Add up); APRON (63A. Cook’s wear); ECARD (54D. Modern birthday greeting); GOODS (66A. They may be durable); LIVID (53D. Spitting mad);
MTIDA (49D. Sacred peak in Greek myth); POWER (33D. Might); SHELL (8D. Beach memento); SNAGS (30D. Hosiery mishaps); URBAN (19A. Not rural), ZIPPO (58A. Lighter brand).
Oh… the song!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Delays no longer; 5. Some intimate apparel; 14. Supper, e.g.; 15. Per person; 18. Urgent; 24. John, for short; 25. Early afternoon hour; 36. Mary Kay competitor; 39. Line-___ veto; 61. ___ fixe (persistent thought); 62. Exploding star; 67. Donations to the needy. Down: 6. Speakeasy’s worry; 7. Prefix with phobia; 11. Short hairstyle; 12. Second letter after epsilon; 13. Tokyo dough; 22. Cemetery expanse; 27. Utah city; 29. Like some turkey meat; 36. Soon; 37. Rider-propelled vehicle, for short; 44. Hair removal product; 55. Music device with earbuds; 57. Burst (with); 58. Second in a series of sharp turns; 59. Big Wall St. news; 60. Con’s opposite.

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