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Hell mouth, as figured in the Roxburghe Ballads. University of Victoria Library.
Friday, February 27, 2009
Puzzle by Joe DiPietro, edited by Will Shortz
Puzzle features six 15-letter across entries --
THE STARS AND BARS (1. Bygone flag); HAVE AN OPINION ON (16. Think a certain way about); USE THE TELEPHONE (17. Make a call); BANANA REPUBLIC (50. Much of Central America, once); IVE NEVER TRIED IT (54. “This would be a firs for me”); GENERAL MANAGERS (55. Trading posts?).
Remaining across: 18. New York’s Bear MTN: Abbr.; 19. Ballyhooed new product of 1998, IMAC; 20. Name repeated in a nursery rhyme; 21. Short dog, for short, POM; 22. It’s nothing, NIL; 23. Before the races, PREMEET; 25. Kind of depth finder, SONIC; 27. Bit of noise pollution, BLARE; 28. B and O figures: Abbr., ATNOS; 29. Brilliant moves, COUPS; 30. Roll, WAD; 33. Bubbly name, MOET; 34. Loosens (up), WARMS; 35. Big copper exporter, PERU; 36. Cover girl, e.g.?, SPY; 37. Laid-back, TYPEB; 38. Time being, NONCE; 39.
Mammonism, GREED; 40. “Something to Talk About” singer, 1991, RAITT; 41. 1960s-’70s; 41. Words starting a simple request, ALLIASK; 44. 1960s-’70s touchdown maker, LEM; 45. Mission statement part, AIM; 47. First name in conducting, SEIJI; 48. Actress Mazar, DEBI; 49. Lab subj., SCI.
The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan, 1909
Down: 1. Beat but good, THUMP; 2. Can’t continue, HASTOSTOP; 3. A tossup, EVENMONEY; 4. Not hurting for cash, SET; 5.
Pastes in Mideastern cooking, TAHINIS; 6. Hardly hearty, ANEMIC; 7. Relating to wheels, ROTAL; 8. You might not get paid while working on it, SPEC; 9. Hurt, AIL; 10. Dayton-to-Toledo dir., NNE; 11. Ladles, DIPPERS; 12. “Scenes de la Vie de BOHEME” (novel on which a Puccini opera is based); 13. Make ANOTE of it; 14. Actress Blakley, RONEE; 15. Comics dog, SNERT; 23. Downright, PLUMB; 24. Emulates Eve, RAPS; 26. With 41-Down, shrunken, NOT; 27. Yet to be engaged?, BORED; 28. Early times, for short, AMS; 29. “The Insect Play” playwright, CAPEK; 30. Withdrew quietly, WENTASIDE; 31. It’s a little over 65 degrees: Abbr., ARCTICCIR; 32. Deserved, DUE; 34. Things that open and close yearly?, WYES; 35. Maui mouthful, POI; 37. Coach, TRAINER; 38. Home of Walvis Bay, NAMIBIA; 39. 1997 Demi Moore flick, GIJANE; 40. Co-firing technique used to reduce pollution from electrical power plants, REBURN; 41. See 26-Down, ASBIG; 42. Furlough, LEAVE; 43. Chambermaid’s charge, LINEN; 44. Pennies : dollar :: LEPTA : drachma; 46. Producers of sunbows, MISTS; 48. Skin: Suffix, DERM; 51. Palindromic girl’s name, AVA; 52. Bill of rights subj., REL; 53. Kicker, LEG.
No opinion.
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Tuesday St James said...

The clue for 28 across is not "early times". in my copy of the newspaper, it is "B and O figures" -no wonder I couldn't figure it ou!

Dan said...

I don't understand 28 across. Can anyone explain it to me?

DONALD said...

AT = abbreviation for Atomic Number