Lincoln Bicentennial

President Abraham Lincoln -- portrait was taken in 1863 by Alexander Gardner.
Lincoln Bicentennial, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For February, the title of the puzzle is Lincoln Bicentennial, and Mr. Piscop's puzzle uses “Lincoln” in the following clues:
Across: 1. Lincoln Logs (construction toy); 5. Abe Lincoln’s father; 8. The Lincoln Memorial faces in this direction; 12. Illinois site of the last Lincoln-Douglas debate; 14. Bobby with the country hit “(Margie’s at) the Lincoln Park Inn”; 15. Early Tarzan player ELMO Lincoln; 20. Walt who wrote “O Captain! My Captain!” about Lincoln; 27. Lincoln is the only U.S. president ever to receive one of these; 34. “Hot Rod Lincoln” singer Commander CODY; 35. Lincoln, Nebraska’s is about 225,000: Abbr.; 43. Ward Hill Lamon was one for Lincoln for many years; 44. Washington, but not Lincoln; 45. Metropolitan OPERA (part of Lincoln Center); 47. Former Rhode Island senator Lincoln CHAFEE; 52. Site of the Lincoln Park Zoo; 65. “The RAIL-splitter” (Lincoln nickname); 66. Lincoln’s mother NANCY Hanks; 68. ANN Rutledge, believed to be Lincoln’s first love.
Down: 1. LAND of Lincoln (Illinois license plate slogan); 5. “The ability to describe others as they see themselves,” to Lincoln; 9. Lincoln Center’s ALICE Tully Hall; 11. Lincoln’s wife, Mary TODD; 21. Stovepipe HAT (Lincoln topper); 24. Lincoln BEDROOM (White House area); 26. Lincoln, Madison or Jackson; 29. Lincoln TOWN Car (luxury auto); 30. “Young Mr. Lincoln” star Henry; 48. Lincoln facial feature, in his later years; 49. “Lincoln Portrait” composer Copland; 51. Big NATE” (Lincoln Peirce comic strip); 55. Lincoln cent, e.g.; 56. “With malice toward NONE, with charity for all”: Lincoln; 63. Lincoln’s youngest son.
Click HERE for the official site of the Lincoln Bicentennial (1809 - 2009).
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