02.16.09 -- Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Monday, February 16, 2009
Puzzle by David Kwong, edited by Will Shortz
Snap! Crackle! Pop! RICE KRISPIES (55A. Breakfast brand since 1928 that hints at the starts of 20-, 33- and 43-Across), along with SNAP DECISION (20A. What a person in an emergency might have to make), CRACKLEWARE (33A. Some glazed pottery) and POP MUSICIAN (43A. Any of the Jonas Brothers, e.g.) are the interrelated entries for this crossword of MON (13D. Tue. preceder), President’s Day!
Other long entries don’t include a president, but a pirate, the pope, the Lord and an octuplet -- EYEPATCH (4D. Pirate costume feature);
OCTUPLET (41D. Rare birth occurrence); ONEARTH (48A. Lord’s Prayer phrase before “as it is in heaven”); PONTIFF (24A. Benedict XVI, e.g.).
Mid-size entries rule the day -- AGASP (8D. Showing shock); ATONE (35D. Do penance);
BRONTE (10D. Novelist Emily or Charlotte); CIGAR (5A. Stogie); CREDO (33D. Doctrine); DANTE (45A. “Divine Comedy” writer); 62A. Poet T.S. ELIOT; FELLA (26D. Guy); FREON (27D. Air-conditioning gas); 3D. Sci-fi writer Asimov, ISAAC; HELIO (50D. Sun: Prefix); 54D. “Saying ISONE thing, doing …”; ITISI (25D. Formal response to “Who’s there?”); KARAT (18A. One of 24 for pure gold); LIETO (52D. Deceive); LINDA (65A. The former Mrs. McCartney); LOGES (68A. Pricey seating areas); 2D. LORNA Doone cookies; MACAO (23A. Portuguese colony until 1999); METER (32A. Poetic da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM, e.g.); MULTI (51a. Prefix with national or grain); 15A. Zee : English :: OMEGA : Greek; PRIDE (40A. Joy’s partner); PRISM (1D. Light refractor); ROMAN (34D. Like Jupiter, but not Zeus); RATIO (9D. 3:1 or 7:2, e.g.); SETAT (47A. Attacked); SWIMS (31D. Does the sidestroke or butterfly); TARPIT (46D. La Brea attraction); TCELL (49D. Immune system agent); TENOR (53D. Voice below alto); TRAPS (28A. Snares).
There is also short stuff aplenty including two Shortzesque clues -- ADUE, ALPO (29D. Dog food brand), APE, BLAM, COKE, DONT, DORK, EMO, ESAI, ETON, GERI and PERI, IAMS (44D. Dog food brand), IAN, ILE, IMAC, IRAE, ITAS, KING, LENO, LEX, ONME, OSLO, OXEN, PERP, PLIE, QED, QTIP, REPO, REST, RODE, ROSY, ROTH, TORE, TSO.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Ballet bend; 10. “Kapow!”; 14. Optimistic; 16. Seized vehicle; 17. “Dies ___” (Latin hymn); 19. Animals that might hear “gee” and “haw”; 39. Philip who wrote “Goodbye, Columbus”; 41. Capital NNW of Copenhagen; 42. Funnyman Philips; 59. Unilever swab; 63. Funnyman Jay; 64. Morales of “NYPD Blue”; 66. School where Aldous Huxley taught George Orwell; 67. “Stop it!”; 69. Ripped. Down: 5. Pepsi alternative; 6. Apple computer; 7. Ex-Spice Girl Halliwell; 11. ___ Luthor of “Superman”; 12. Mimic; 13. Tue. Preceder; 21. Uncool sort; 22. “This round’s ___”; 30.Crook, in cop lingo; 36. Together, to Toscanini; 37. Take five; 43. Gilpin of “Frasier”; 56. Double-decker checker; 57. Went on horseback; 58. “Take ___ a sign”; 59. Abbr. at the end of a proof; 60. General on a Chinese menu; 61. Writer Fleming.

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