02.24.09 -- Of a Feather

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Puzzle by Stephen Edward Anderson, edited by Will Shortz
Light as a feather, this crossword crosses birds and verbs with ease --
CRANE ONES NECK (21A. Strain to see over the top); SWALLOW ONES PRIDE (41A. Eat humble pie); HAWK ONES WARES (59A. Be a street peddler) -- well, except that an extra line of vertical squares were required to accommodate the long center entry, you know, the one about the humble pie.
Other long entries include ALL DONE (48A. “That’s it for now!”), LEOPARDS (42D. They’re spotted in tall grass),
NIAGARA (34A. Honeymooners’ destination), PAPER TIGER (65A. Toothless enemy), TIE CLASP (10D. Haberdashery accessory), and WIGGLE ROOM (19A. Margin to maneuver).
Six-letter entries include AT WILL (29D. Whenever your heart desires); ERODES (26D. Wears away); ESKIMO (50D. One for whom Nome may be home); GAMERS (27D. Arcade fans); LADIES (25D. Part of L.P.G.A.); 9D. Filet MIGNON;
MISHAP (28D. Fender bender, e.g.); 30D. PEARLY white; SAW OUT (52D. Walked to the door); ZONERS (5D. Land-use regulators).
Five-letter entries -- AGING (4D. Cause of some wrinkles); AMIGO (15.Friend in a sombrero); ANGST (8D. Unfocused dread); CAPOS (72A. Mafia dons); FJORD (69A. Norwegian coast feature); HIREE (45A. Company newbie); IONIA (17A. Ancient region with an architectural style named after it); LATIN (18A. Root of all Romance languages); ONE NO (68A. Terse bridge bid); ORTHO (22d. Big name in lawn products);
SODOM (40A. City God destroyed with fire and brimstone); SSGTS (44D. U.S.M.C. noncoms); TOAST (74A. “Here’s to …,’ e.g.); TOGAS (56D. Forum attire); TOPAZ (1A. Birthstone for most Scorpios); TWERP (10A. Insignificant type); UDDER (71A. Milk dispenser); X AND O (58D. Tic-tac-toe alternatives).
Four-letter -- AMIE (7D. Friend who’s fran├žaise); ENES (63D. Hydrocarbon suffixes);
ERNO (61D. Professzor Rubik); GORP (35D. Hiker’s snack); HERO (59D. Key to the city recipient, maybe); HOBO (38A. Bum); ITES (36A. Social finishes?); LEOI (20D. First in a string of 13 popes); MAAM (6A. Sir’s complement); MAIN (70A. Street that may be a U.S. highway); MOWN (6D. Like golf greens, frequently; NEIL (60D. Singer Sedaka); NEWT (49D. Politico Gingrich); OMAR (2D. Five-star Bradley); OMNI (16A. 1970s-’0s Dodge); ON KP (39D. Preparing hash for G.I. Joe, say); OSLO (73A. Capital on a 69-Across); PEGS (51A. Hard throws to first base, say); PEER (47A. One’s equal); PEST (55A. Real pill); RED A (62D. Stigma borne by Hester Prynne); SLED (37D. Musher’s carrier); SORT (64D. Type); STYX (31A. River of Hades); TALC (1D. 1 on the Mohs scale); TOOL (24A. Hammer or tongs); XKES (46A Classic Jags); WORK (11D. Slacker’s bane) ; 33D. XBOX 360.
Three -- AJA, EEE, ENO, GRR, LEG, MAP, PAM, PFC, PLY, POP, RIO, SSS, TAX, YOW (32D. “Ouch!”).
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