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Sunday, February 1, 2009
Diagramless, Puzzle by Paula Gamache, edited by Will Shortz
WHISPERINGBELLIES (40A. Things that softly say “Feed me”?) is so far out, it must be in somewhere (
I.e., it’s a pun on a flower, but also a song by the Del-Vikings)! OUTOFSORTIES (14A. Unable to mount further attacks?), COMICBOOKIES (25A. Jokers who’ll take a bet?), EARLYBIRDIES (56A. Good scores on the front nine?) and MANOFPARTIES (68A. Fraternity brother?) complete the interrelated entries of this diagramless crossword puzzle, all of which add “IE" to a standard phrase achieving a different and somewhat amusing one.
I am not really a fan of the diagramless crossword -- it seems more like a chore in bookkeeping or house-cleaning than an amusement with words. Perhaps that’s the idea or ordeal intended. In any event, the remainders begin on the sixth across square of the 17x17 grid with the following:
1. Plum tomatoes, ROMAS; and being that the numbers don’t really help a lot -- Pampas cowboy, GAUCHO; next line across, Classic toothpaste brand, IPANA, Commotion, POTHER; next is OUTOFSORTIES, and continuing on the 4th line is HALTS, space, RAH, space, TEND; next line, SLOMO at the far left, skip three, ARREARS, leave two; far left next line COMICBOOKIES; next line RAE, space, HAMM, two spaces, KEOGH; next line, ETS, two spaces, BANA, three spaces, WEAR; then comes the ungainly full-across
WHISPERINGBELLIES -- i.e., etc., etc. …
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Remaining Across: 1. Plum tomatoes; 6. Pampas cowboy; 12. Classic toothpaste brand; 13. Commotion; 16. Stops dead; 19. Sound from a fan; 20. Work, as a bar; 21. Instant replay option; 23. Owing, after “in”; 29. Arctic explorer John; 30. 2004 gymnastics gold medalist Paul; 31. ___ plan; 35. U.F. O. riders; 36. Eric of “Hulk”; 38. Tear’s partner; 47. Quito’s land: Abbr.; 48. ___ of the earth; 49. 1920s auto; 50. Well-groomed; 53. Pouty look; 55. Baton Rouge sch.; 60. “Anne of Green Gables” setting; 63. Laundry cycle; 64. Week-ending cry; 65. “Yes”; 66. Dispatch; 68. Fraternity brother?; 71. Brunch order; 72. Take by force; 73. Brand of Scotch; 74. In-box pile. Down: 1. Mob action; 2. Numbered work; 3. Wrestling locale; 4. Hooded jacket of the Arctic; 5. Tanzanian trek; 6. Main mail ctr.; 7. Line from the heart; 8. Say; 9. Gossips, in slang; 10. Pay attention to; 11. “Grey’s Anatomy” settings, for short; 15. Animated ogre; 16. What a first-time sleep-away camper might be; 17. Aramis, to Athos and Porthos; 18. ___ Ness monster; 21. Turning fastener; 22. Really hate; 24. Jargon suffix; 26. Little darling; 27. Poet Khayyam; 28. Bygone Dodge; 32. Hooter; 33. Styling stuff; 34. It’s hidden by a comb-over; 37. Reply: Abbr.; 39. ___ Pieces; 41. Take to court; 42. Skillet spray; 43. Smelling a bit off; 44. Amorphous mass; 45. Small needle case; 46. Boozer; 51. Cross, e.g.; 52. Actress Shirer; 54. Does the wrong thing; 57. Reverse mantra of “The Shining”; 58. Tao founder; 59. Morse code click; 60. Vice president who resigned in 1973; 61. String quartet member; 62. Counter to an asking price; 64. Domesticate; 66. Submarine; 67. Egyptian biters; 68. Hip in the ‘60s; 69. Scoreboard nos.; 70. Elemental ending.

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