02.06.09 -- Ode to an ODA

Light of the Harem, 1880, Lord Frederick Leighton
Friday, February 6, 2009
Puzzle by Frederick J. Healy, edited by Will Shortz
“The vanity of others runs counter to our taste only when it runs counter to our vanity“ -- Friedrich Nietzsche
Across: 1. Big name in exercise; 10. Firm parts: Abbr., DEPTS; 15. Dessert skipper’s declaration, IMONADIET; 16. Big-eyed baby; 17. Valuable piece of time?; 18. Sofia, por ejemplo, REINA; 19. It’s sometimes pulled while running; 20. 1966 hit from the album “Sounds of Silence”; 22. Keep, LAST; 23. Track has-been; 25. It’s passable, CEE; 26. Transports near stairs, ELS; 27. Like pigs, GREEDY; 28. Game with many balls; 29. Topple, UPEND; 30. Zulu’s group; 31. Sci-fi hero whose home planet is Corellia; 34. Most economical, LEANEST; 36. Bits of créativité, IDEES; 37. Derby attire, SILKS; 38. Many a 21-Down celebrant, GRAD; 39. Amuse, TICKLE; 41. Lays out, KOS; 44. Knob on old TVs: Abbr., HOR; 45. They might be in stitches; 46. “Home Improvement” actor Richard; 47. Yakut, e.g., SIBERIAN; 49. Modern home of ancient Ebla; 50. Feather: Prefix, PTERO; 51. Term of address used during an argument; 54. They’re often found in tubs, OLEOS; 55. Zip, NONEATALL; 56. They’re green, TYROS; 57. “Sure”.
Down: 1. Shake, JIGGLE; 2. Unlikely to be judgmental; 3. “It won’t be missed”, NOLOSS; 4. Split up, ENDIT; 5. Forest issue; 6. Certain ladies’ room; 7. Small beef, NIT; 8. Unquestionable, DECIDED; 9. Near, ATHAND; 10. It might be worn under a cap; 11. It has a lip and a mouth but never speaks; 12. Epoch when the landmasses of North and South America joined; 13. A call used to go out for this; 14. Plan to catch a criminal, STAKEOUT; 21. Kentucky Derby time, MAY; 23. City founded by Ivan IV; 24. Star viewed at night; 27. Mailing ctrs., GPOS; 28. Where Manhattan is: Abbr.; 29. Handled, USED; 30. Oven dial word; 31. Climax, HIGHSPOT; 32. À la an expert, ADROITLY; 33. Drink for a designated driver, maybe; 34. Not far from, LIKE; 35. Direction-changing pipes, ELLS; 37. Blockhead; 39. TAI chi; 40. Rally speaker’s emphatic response to his own rhetorical question, ISAYNO; 41. Site in ancient Thebes; 42. A.L. East player; 43. Cross, SNARLY; 45. Total amount, GROSS; 46. Former capital of Japan; 48. Sock attachment?, EROO; 49. Atlantic catch, SHAD; 52. Armagnac article, UNE; 53. 18-Across’s partner, REY.
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