02.11.10 -- Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

ABE, given the lengthy clue -- 62-Down, Nickname of the man (born 2/12/18709) who gave the address at 18A, issued the 28A/45A, was the first elected president of the 60A Party, and whose name can be found in this puzzle’s main diagonal -- A B R A H A M L I N C O L N, the across entries of GETTYSBURG, EMANCIPATION, PROCLAMATION and REPUBLICAN are the interrelated group of this thoughtful Thursday crossword puzzle commemorating the 201st birthday of the 16th President of the United States of America on February 12th.

Other -- AETNA, AMEBA, APLENTY (41A. Galore), ARTOO, ATTRACT (7D. Draw), CACAOS (20A. Tropical trees), EQUATIONS (11D. Some memorization for a physics test), EUROPA (37A. Moon of Jupiter), HELLO, ITCHES (58A. Yens), LEARY, MERCY, MINIMA (46D. Nadirs), NACHOS (48D. Bowl game bowlful, maybe), OIL RUB (40D. Masseuse‘s offering), ORNATE (4D. Florid), OUT-VOTE (38A. Beat in a race), PEPSI, ROTINI (8D. Twists in a trattoria), SARACEN (43D. Crusader’s foe), SHOGI (52. Japanese chess), SHOO-IN (42A. Lock), STOOD UP TO (35D. Challenged), ST PAUL (19D. Home for “A Prairie Home Companion”), T-BEAM, WANES.

Short stuff -- ACDC, ALE, ALTA, AQUA, ARMS (54D. Venus de Milo knock-offs?), ASU, ATMO, BURL, CBER, DEBS (10A. Third-place presidential candidate of 1920 who ran his campaign from jail), DAB, DER and DERN, EMT, ERE and ETRE, HOLE, HOSP, HRS, IAN, INAS, INME, IRA, LAGS, MATS, MYTH, NASH (51D. Ambassador of old autodom), NAYS, OGLE, OHM, ONT, OPTO, PET, RIOT; RUHR, SAGE, SEAL and SEEN and SION, SLAW and SLOE, SLS and SOS, USNA, VOCE, YOYO.

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 1. Spherical beginning?; 5. 1960s trip taker; 14. Handle user; 15. Character in al six “Star Wars” films, informally; 16. Shade at the beach?; 17. 2009 Golden Globe winner for “Recount”; 22. Hoot; 23. Pub pour; 24. What unicorns live in; 25. ___ Hunter, leader of rock’s Mott the Hoople; 26. Kind of project; 33. DH’s often have many; 36. First responder, for short; 43. Classic Mercedes roadsters; 44. Song from “Mamma Mia!”; 49. Article in the German constitution; 50. He wrote lyrics, by George!; 54. Pac-10 sch.; 56. H. Ross Perot’s alma mater: Abbr.; 63. Course component; 64. Small rugs; 65. One-celler; 66. Eye; 67. ___-eyed; 68. Ebbs; 69. Capital of Valais. DOWN: 1. “___ Live,” 1992 multiplatinum album; 2. Letter-shaped bridge support; 3. It’s sometimes given to prisoners; 5. Problems in synchronization; 6. “Maid of Athens, ___ We Part” (Byron poem); 9. Fluctuate; 10. Bit; 12. Knot; 13. Stuff in stuffing, often; 21. Measure of resistance; 25. “She Believes ___” (Kenny Rogers hit); 27. Sartre’s “L’___ et le NĂ©ant”; 29. Insurance giant; 30. Brand whose ads once featured Michael Jackson; 31. Vision: Prefix; 32. Bill blockers; 33. I.C.U. locale; 34. Essen’s region; 39. Mezza ___; 41. Utah ski resort; 47. Mich. Neighbor; 53. Cry at a canyon; 55. Caulk; 57. Salad alternative; 58. Much precedent?; 59. Eyed; 61. Milk.

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