02.27.10 -- PEEPHOLE


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick John Duggan, edited by Will Shortz

A quick look...

Across: 1. Big-time kudos, MAD PROPS; 9. Film about the Statue of Liberty?, PATINA; 15. Exasperated cry, I’VE HAD IT; 16. Response to a good dig, OH SNAP; 17. Hidden danger, LAND MINE; 18. Preparatory stage, LEAD-UP; 19. Subject of the biography “King of the World”, ALI; 20. Bright spot in architecture?, SUNROOM; 22. Saison de septembre, mostly, ETE; 23. Deal killers, NOES; 25. Sets right, MENDS; 26. Honoree on the third Friday of Sept., MIA; 27. Like many old series, now, ON DVD; 29. Grammy-winning Gnarls Barkley, e.g., DUO; 30. Bats are smaller than normal in it, T-BALL; 32. Disco or swing follower, ERA; 34. Mascot that’s a shell of a man?, MR PEANUT; 36. Slinky and stealthy, CATLIKE; 40. What’s-his-face, SO-AND-SO; 41. Demi Moore was in it, BRAT PACK; 43 ICK factor; 44. Springtime arrival, ARIES; 45. College football coach LES Miles; 47. Wiesbaden’s state, HESSE; 51. Application datum: Abbr., TEL; 52. It’s under the Host, PATEN; 54. Torpedo, RUIN; 55. Eponymous general, TSO; 56. Be cut down to size, EAT CROW; 58. Mute neighbor, maybe: Abbr., REC; 59. Dot-com with an asterisk in its name, E-TRADE; 61. Words at the outset, HERE WE GO; 63. Picture receiver, RETINA; 64. Moved out?, UNSEATED; 65. Official’s helper, YEOMAN; 66. Opening used before opening a door, PEEPHOLE.

Down: 1. Lombardia’s capital, MILANO; 2. “Operation Bikini” co-star, 1963, AVALON; 3. Robbed of, DENIED; 4. Goal of some candidates, PHD; 5. Means of forced entry, RAMS; 6. Bad blood, ODIUM; 7. Immobilized, in a way, PINNED; 8. What sticks to your ribs?, STERNUM; 9. Tops of golf courses?, POLOS; 10. Subtle warning sound, AHEM; 11. It goes through lots of luggage: Abbr., TSA; 12. Hot, IN DEMAND; 13. Captain Nemo’s final resting place, NAUTILUS; 14. Beseech, APPEAL TO; 21. Things that disappear in the shower?, ODORS; 24. Modelesque, SVELTE; 28. Namby-pambies, DRIPS; 30. Do school work, TEACH; 31. One concerned with checks and balances, BANKER; 33. Street name lead-in, AKA; 35. One side of Hawaii, POI; 36. Common toy go-with, C BATTERY; 37. One being printed at a station, ARRESTEE; 38. Customize for, TAILOR TO; 39. Kudos, ECLAT; 42. Dog’s coat?, KETCHUP; 46. Still, SERENE; 48. Definitely gonna, SURE TO; 49. Film critic Joel, SIEGEL; 50. Protect, in a way, ENCODE; 52. Triumphant song, PAEAN; 53. Like some mythology, NORSE; 56. “Laverne & Shirley” landlady, EDNA; 57. Emulate Niobe, WEEP; 60. “Ready” follower, AIM; 62. Crib note?, WAH.

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