02.16.10 -- Metamorphosis


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Puzzle by Paul Hunsberger, edited by Will Shortz

Anagrams, a processing or a morphing of MEAT into META, MATE and TEAM contained within METAMORPHOSIS (20A. Larva-to-adult transition), MATE FOR LIFE (35A. Be monogamous, among animals) and TEAM CAPTAIN (42A. Leader on the field), clued by PROCESSED MEAT (59A. Spam or sausage … or a hint to the starts of 20-, 35- and 42-Across) grind out the interrelated group of this meaty short-week Tuesday crossword.

Other -- AORTAS (48A. Main lines), BOLOGNA (5D. Italian city after which a deli offering is named), CABOOSE (43D. Freight train’s “office”), HOT-DOG (30A. Sports show-off), IT’S EASY (45D. “Like taking candy from a baby!“), MAYTAG (23A. Idle repairman’s employer, in ads), NEGATE (4D. Cancel), PRESIDIOS (11D. Spanish fortresses), SAMPAN (50D. Yangtze River boat), SCISSOR (9D. Clip out, as a coupon), SEARCH (55A. Use Google, e.g.), SPARK PLUG (34D. Ignition system device).

Five-letter -- AGENT, AMITY, ASCOT, CANOE, CURED (16A. Smoked or salted), EAT AT, FOLIO, GRIMM, H-TEST, IDEAS, LENDS, LOUTS, NO FEE and OH GEE (“Golly!”), OLEOS, READY or not …”, RIDE A Crooked Trail“ (Audie Murphy western), SAPPY, SASHA, STOPS.

Short stuff -- ACAR, ADOS, ALPE, “Wait just A SEC!”, AUDI, BASS, Composer BÉLA Bartók, COEN, DONS, EINS, zwei, drei …, EXE and EXT (and EMT), EOS, FEAR, FLO, GRAN, I DIG (Hipster‘s “Understood!”), “IN A pig‘s eye!”, LAOS, MAIM, NCAA, NEED, NYET, OCHO and OCTA, OOH, PANE, PEA, RIME and RITE and RTES, SACS, SANA (61A. Yemen‘s capital), SET, STAY and STEP, TLC, TSK, YDS.

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 1. ___ Canaria Island; 5. Low man in the choir; 9. Too sentimental; 14. Frosty coating; 15. Tetra- doubled; 18. Mekong River land; 19. Brainstormer’s output; 24. Egg pouches; 28. ___, zwei, drei …; 32. Dawn goddess; 38. Mont Blanc, e.g., to locals; 40. Windows program suffix; 41. Either “Fargo” co-director; 49. Ways to go: Abbr.; 51. Sound of rebuke; 64. Big Ten or Big 12 org.; 62. Manuscript sheet); 65. Glass piece; 66. Ill-mannered sorts; 67. Underworld V.I.P.’s; 68. Kerfuffles; 70. Stick around; 71. Refusenik’s refusal. DOWN: 1. Brothers’ name in children’s literature; 3. Peaceful relations; 6. “___ in every garage”; 7. Subway map points; 8. Skater Cohen; 10. BMW competitor; 12. Pod item; 13. Rushing stats: Abbr.; 21. Incapacitate; 22. ___ Rios, Jamaica; 26. Checking account come-on; 27. Worker in real estate, e.g.; 29. Assembly instructions part; 31. Pampering, for short; 32. Really bother; 33. Nondairy spreads; 36. Phone no. add-on; 37. Cause of quaking; 39. Defib operator; 46. It may be urgent; 53. A library does it; 54. Fancy neckwear; 57. Vacation rental craft; 58. Mushroom cloud maker, for short; 60. Bar mitzvah or bris; 61. Yemen’s capital; 62. Sitcom diner waitress; 63 Response from the awed.

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