02.09.10 -- Echoes

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puzzle by Robert Cirillo, edited by Will Shortz

LISBON BONBON (20A. Chocolate candy from Portugal?), SOBER BERBER (32A. African nomad who hasn’t had a thing to drink?), INCAN CAN-CAN (41A. Lively Indian dance?) and BOTTOM TOM-TOM (54A. Drum that’s under all the others?) are the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Other -- CHATTEL (43D. Movable article of personal property), CORNCOB (5D. Pipe material for Frosty the Snowman), ESSENCE (23A. Gist), ICE OVER (41D. Freeze up), INTIMATE (39D. Very close friend), SATIATE (50A. Fill and then some), TIMBERED (4D. Filled with trees) and UP TO PAR (9D. Feeling well).

Mid-size -- ADOBE, ALETA, AMASS, APEMAN (24A. Missing link, possibly), AS ONE (62A. How a bride and groom leave the altar, metaphorically), ATTAR, BASIC, EBONY, EMMET, GROAN, LT GOV, LYCEES (48A. French schools), MEDOC, 27A. “What God has joined together, let NO MAN put asunder“, OH BOY (33D. “Wow!”), PHILE, PLANE, PLAYA, SATYR, SEMIS, SEMIS, SMITE, STAHL, TAXED, TOOLS, UPSET.

Short stuff -- ABS, ATOM, AUTO, “A SON of the Sun“ (Jack London novel), AXEL, BATE and BYTE, CAHN (“High Hopes“ lyricist Sammy), CAVA, DEM, EBAN, ELO (31A. “Don‘t Bring Me Down“ grp.), ERST, ETCH, EYE, “GET A grip!”, “GOT milk?”, HEMI, HOI, HUT, IMAM, IOTA, The Shangri-LAS (“Leader of the Pack“ group), Condé NAST (magazine publisher), ODES, ONOR, ONYX, PSAT, ROO, ROTO, SAX (11D. Instrument for Kenny G), TAD and THAD, TOA and TSA, TUBA (Marching band instrument), UNIT, VETO (Presidential “no“).

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 1. Warm-up for the college-bound; 5. Vena ___ (blood line to the heart); 9. Victory overcoming 100-to-1 odds, e.g.; 14. Prefix with sphere; 15. Horation verses; 16. ___ del Rey, Calif.; 17. Shiite leader; 18. Lead-in to tiller; 19. Put a duty on; 28. Milne hopper; 36. Rep. rival; 37. Mississippi senator Cochran; 38. Generous ___ fault; 39. Small amount; 40. Tummy muscles; 45. ___ polloi; 47. Pizza ___; 57. No. 2 in the statehouse; 60. See 61--Across; 61. Molecular 60-Across; 60-Across of computer memory; 64. “Treasure Island,” for one; 65. Lecher; 66. Required element in many figure skating competitions; 67. Lead-in to while. DOWN: 1. Lover: Suffix; 2. They’re followed by the finals; 3. Heap up; 6. Acrobat software maker; 10. Vehicle that taxis; 12. Part of a storm or a potato; 13. Small amount; 21. ___ about (approximately); 22. Diminish; 25. French red wine; 26. Prince Valiant’s wife; 29. What a lame joke might elicit; 30. Israeli statesman Abba; 32. Lesley of “60 Minutes”; 34. Like the A B C’s; 35. Prepare a commemorative plate, say; 44. Garage occupant; 49. Black key material; 50. Whack, biblically; 51. Fragrant oil; 52. What a poor workman blames, in a saying; 53. Irish patriot Robert; 56. Common cameo stone; 58. Airport screening org.

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