02.22.20 -- The Bride

The Bride, 1893, Johan Thorn Prikker


Monday, February 22, 2010

Puzzle by Steve Dobis, edited by Will Shortz

SOMETHING (36A. Word that can precede the starts of 18-, 20-, 53- and 58-Across), along with OLD, NEW, BORROWED and BLUE in OLD HICKORY (18A. Nickname for Andrew Jackson), NEW CALEDONIA (20A. Island east of Australia), BORROWED TIME (53A. Dangerous thing to be living on) and BLUE RIBBON (58A. First prize at a fair) are the interrelated group of this Monday crossword -- with the asymmetrically positioned THEME (28D. Parts of a bride’s attire, for this puzzle) as an afterthought.

I do have CONCERNS (4D. People’s worries) for the bride, for she’s AMONGST (1D. Surrounded by) FOOLS (5D. Jesters), a Smart ALEC (wise guy), a Smart ASS (wise guy) and an APE (39D. Gorilla) though hopefully she’s not doomed to the SMELL (50A. What the nose picks up) of a DISMAL (52A. Dreary) GHETTO (33A. Depressed urban area) or an ILLEGAL (46D. Law-breaking) SNARE (27A. Trap) -- but don’t be SHY (13D. Wallflower-ish), be UPBEAT (48D. Optimistic) and TIE (34D. 1-1 or 2-2, e.g.) the knot, there’s a GEMSTONE (38D. Opal or topaz) and a TROVE (23A Treasure chest) for the occasion as the minister GREETS (22A. Says hello to) ALLE (6D. It means everyone to Hans) at the altar -- for richer or poorer, etc., etc.

Guests -- Former vice president DAN Quayle, ENO (49A. Brian of Roxy Music), ESAI (43A. Morales of “La Bamba”), LA VERNE (2D. Shirley’s friend in 1970s-’80s TV), NOAH (16A. Ark builder), not Webster, but the ORATOR (37D. Daniel Webster, for one), a PILOT (63A. Cockpit occupant), RAMONE (42A. Any member of a classic punk rock band), REDD (7D. Comedian Foxx), RIPA (54D. Kelly of morning TV), ROSA (62A. Civil rights pioneer Parks), the SETON Hall Pirates (1953 N.I.T. champs), SID (5D.Caesar whose forum was TV), a SPY (41D. 007, for one) and Mao TSE-tung.

Honeymoon -- will they fly VIA (25D. By way of) ELAL (67A. Carrier to Tel Aviv), a short hop to EGYPT (51A. Pharaoh’s realm) or ANKARA (10D. Turkey’s capital) -- perhaps PAPUA New Guinea or ALAMEDA (45D. Oakland’s county) in stylish EYE WEAR (3D. Goggles and glasses) or somewhere  SEMINAL (44D. Original)?

Rice, tears and tin cans tied to the bumper -- ABET, AMPS, ASALE, ATE, BRA, DENTE, EON, CITRON, DENTE, ETHNO, FARSI, GMA, “Beauty IS IN the eye …“, LOB, MAYO (14A. Sandwich spread) and OLEOS (15A. Sandwich spreads), MOO, NADA (64A. Zippo), OBLA, ODD, ONEG, OVEN, PAR, RADIO, RBIS, SAG, SOHO, TERN, USE, and all wore WOOL (57A. Winter coat material), after all it is February!

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 5. Persian tongue; 10. Roadies carry them; 17. Bakery fixture; 31. The “R” in RCA; 32. Shorebird; 61. Force felt on the earth, informally; 65. Aid and ___; 66. Make ___ (do some business). DOWN: 8. TriBeCa neighbor; 11. Neigh : horse :: ___ : cow; 12. Number on a golf course; 19. Lemonlike fruit; 21 Dined; 24. Like 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.; 40. What mattresses do over time; 52. Al ___ (cooked, yet firm); 55. Sluggers’ figs.; 56. Syllables before “di” or “da” in a Beatles song; 58. Push-up provider; 59. High tennis shot; 60. Have no ___ for.

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