02.25.10 -- The Tinsmith

Baruch Benedykt Semmel the Tinsmith, Bershad Ghetto, 1943, Arnold Daghani
Collection of the Yad Vashem Art Museum, Copyright © 2005 Yad Vashem,
The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puzzle by Holden Baker, edited by Will Shortz

Ten squares containing TIN is the main feature of this Thursday crossword.

Together, TINSMITH (44A. Artisan whose work is featured in this puzzle?), RIN TIN TIN (39A. Title role in a 1950s TV western), ASTIN (30D. Actor John) and UNSTINTINGLY (24D. In a very generous manner) account for three of the ten squares. 

Containing one each are the across/down pairs of STINGER (1A. Antiaircraft missile) and TINGLE (2D. “Sleeping” sensation); 6A. Au GRATIN and TINES (9D. Parts opposite some handles); OUTINGS (22A. Picnics, e.g.) and MARTINI (11D. Happy hour order); CRETIN (38A. Clod) and I TINA (32D. 1986 showbiz autobiography); DISTINCT (49A.Well-defined) and TINKLES (52D. Bell sounds); TINY TIM (66A. Literary invalid) and SELECTING (45D. “Eeny-meeny-miney-mo” activity); TIN EAR (68A. It‘s not good for conducting) and SIT-IN (62D. 1960s event).

Other -- ASSORTED (33A. Mixed), DODDER (47D. Walk unsteadily) and FT DODGE (46A. County seat on the Des Moines River), GUINEA (6D. Neighbor of Liberia), OLD YELLER (56A. 1957 Disney tearjerker), PEASANT (28A. Simple sort), RED TAPE (5D. Delay cause), SKERRITT (21D. Emmy-winning Tom of “Picket Fences”), TENACITY (42A. Stick-to-it-iveness), UGLIER (31A. Not so attractive) and UNPINS (24A. Frees, in a way).

Five-letter -- 14. NPR’s “Only A GAME”, 54D. “Abandon hope ALL YE …“, 12D. Petula Clark’s ‘A SIGN of the Times”, CHESS (13D. Knight’s activity?), 63A. Santa CLARA, Calif., DRAKE (49D. Captain of the Golden Hind), E-MAIL (4D. P.D.A. communique), GEEKS (69A. Oddballs), ICE UP (10D. Freeze over), ILIAD (17A. Inspiration for “Troilus and Cressida”), IOWAN (50D. Any resident of 46-Across), ROCKS (55A. Is too cool), SANYO (29D. RCA competitor), SCOLD (51D. Termagant).

Short stuff -- ALAW and AWOL, CASH, CFCS, DAHL, DOG, DUCT, ENDS, ERIE and ERIK, ESTA, GAIT, GAL, GLEN, IDLE, IMAC and IMAS, ITD, KALE and LAKE and LATE, LILA, OGRE, OLDE, OLLA, ONTO, RAMS, REMO, SAIL, SLID, TRIG, UELE (15A. Ubangi tributary) and URSA (41A. Bear in the sky).

Last but not least, apropos to this North American February of 2010 when 49 of the 50 states got the fluffy stuff, there’s LET IT SNOW (20A. When said three times, a yuletide song).

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 1. Apple offering; 16. Choice at checkout; 18. “Look at me, ___ helpless …” (opening to “Misty”); 25. Follow relentlessly; 48. ___ pal; 53A. Bean pot; 61. One in civvies who maybe shouldn’t be; 62. Lost traction; 64. Scratch; 65. What a getaway car may be waiting in; 67. Remnants. DOWN: 1. Fly (through); 3. Amble, e.g.; 7. San ___, Italy; 8. “There oughta be ___!”; 22. Not conned by; 25. Main, e.g.; 26. Figure in Magic: The Gathering; 27. Valley ___, redundantly named California community; 35. H.S. math; 36. “Cómo __?”; 37. Gary who invented the Pet Rock; 40. “___ be a pleasure”; 43. Regulated pollutants, for short; 57. Oscar winner Kedrova; 58. Missing the boat, say; 59. Senta’s suitor in “The Flying Dutchman”; 60. Some butters; 62. 1960s event.

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