02.17.10 -- Global Warmin'


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 -- Ash Wednesday 

Puzzle by Elizabeth A. Long, edited by Will Shortz

Prefaced by the note, The circled letters, starting in square #27 and reading clockwise, will spell a familiar phrase suggested by 20-, 35- and 52-Across, this hot little Wednesday crossword puzzle features circled letters in a circle spelling G L O B A L W A R M I N ’ in turn relating to LONDON BROIL (20A. Beef entrée), BAKED ALASKA (35A. Ice cream dish) and ROAST TURKEY (52A. Holiday serving). Alaska, Turkey and London are places on the globe; broil, baked and roast involve heat and are used metaphorically. Ha, ha!… and oh, oh!

Other -- ALA MODE (45A. Pie preference); BAD BLOOD (6D. Enmity); BAHAMIAN (35D. Nassau native); DEVISAL (13D. Creation, as of plans); LUNAR / ECLIPSE (49D. With 38-Down recurring phenomenon lasting a few hours); FANTASIA (11D. 1940 Disney film); LONG TONS (36D. 2,240-pound units); NEATENS (327D. Puts in order); TREADLE (12D. Potter’s pedal); UNLOADS (25A. Severely criticizes, with “on”).

Six-letter -- ALL OUT; ALONZO Mourning of the N.B.A.; BEATLE; DANG IT (33D. “Shoot!”); DANIEL (33A. He spent time in a lion‘s den); NEARED; NETTED, ONE ACT; PAGODA; STALAG; Alice B. TOKLAS (Gertrude Stein’s partner); WAYNE’S World”.

Five-letter -- ACERS; AD LIB (15A. Remark that might get you in trouble); APACE; ARTOO-Detoo of “Star Wars“; BOAST; CAROM; “CUT ON the dotted line”; DELTA; DORIC; ENDOR (5D. Where King Saul consulted a witch); “For A GOOD time, call …”; MILAN; MONKS; NOLAN, OINKS (26D. Cries from sties); a crossword relative of OBAMA, ORAMA (46D. Slangy business suffix); RESTS; SIT-IN; SPARE; TALON; T-BALL; and the utterly desperate 29-Down, Camus’s “Lettres a UN AMI Allemand”.

Short stuff -- ADZ; ARE; ASK (34D. “Shoot); BING cherry; ECHO (40A. She pined for Narcissus); EPI; FTD; GAO; GIL; ISLA; NEV, NSA; ODER; ON A whim; REL; ROOD; ROPE; SEN; SOAR; Mai TAI; TIM; TOUT; TOW; UKE.

National Geographic on global warming, HERE.

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 1. Fifth tire; 6. Display strong self-esteem; 11. Onetime “Say it with flowers” sloganeer; 14. Nail on a branch?; 16. Live; 18. It may have a big mouth; 19. State whose quarter depicts mustangs and sagebrush: Abbr.; 23. Tool with a curved blade; 24. Islam, e.g.: Abbr.; 27. Fed. Agcy. Staffed with number crunchers; 28. Praise; 30. Mallorca, e.g.; 39. Abbey residents; 42. Stranded motorist’s need; 48. Hodges of baseball; 51. Minnesota governor Pawlenty; 55. Prefix with center; 57. Christopher who directed “Batman Begins” and The Dark Knight”; 58. Cryptanalyst’s org.; 59. Where Verdi’s “Otello” premiered; 60. Quickly; 61. Capitol Hill worker: Abbr.; 62. Ones who try to put things past you?; 63. Takes a break. DOWN: 1. W.W. II camp; 2. Place for a gong; 4. Crucifix; 7. German border river; 8. Maximum; 9. Peaceful demonstration; 10. Batting game for kids; 21. Took home; 31. Bank; 32. It has four strings, in brief; 41. Harrison, for one; 43. Short, as some plays; 47. Column with a simple capital; 53. Hit the stratosphere; 54. Snare, in a way.

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