07.29.11 — An Arm and a Leg

Jane Avril Dancing, 1893, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Friday, July 29, 2011

Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight 15-letter answers constitutes the main feature of this Friday crossword.

Other — CO-WRITE, IN ERROR, MOUNTER (54A. Tire shop employee, at times), NOT A LOT, OIL SEAL, ONE ACRE, OPEN-TOE, SUBSIDE.

Five-letter — A CAST, AT LAW, CARDS, DEBUT, DUROC (28D. Hardy red hog), LIMBS (5A. 22- and 38-Across [LEG and ARM]), NERTS, ON RYE, OP EDS, PAINT, SOEUR, TARES.

Short stuff — ABE, ARM and ART, ASEA, AUDI, BEA, BOSE (13D. Giant in audio equipment), BUS, CATS, CCCL, CHAO, CLEO, ECTO, EGOS (65A. They‘re subject to inflation and deflation), FIR, GIG, HIE and TIE, LEG and LEN, LIRR, LOAD, LUAU, MLK, MRE, NTSB, OAT, OHHI, ONTO, OONA, OPTS, PEST, RAP, REF and REM, RKOS, SEAN, SEER, SRI, TRA, TYPO, WREN, UMP.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Lethally poisoned ruler, familiarly; 5. 22- and 38-Across; 10. Pipeline accident investigator: Abbr.; 14. Saab competitor; 15. How deli meat may be served; 16. Item in a “lick race”; 20. Opposite of swell; 21. What some lawns cover; 22. Ham’s place; 23. Kind of sheet; 25. Jan. honoree; 26. Like many salts; 28. Introduction; 30. Princess ___ (Disney duck); 36. Barker who pitched a perfect game in 1981; 37. Field of 33-Across; 49. Twist-___; 50. “___ man!”; 51. Compose together; 60. Elaine ___, first female Asian-American cabinet member; 61. Brush up on?; 62. Lock or luck follower; 63. Line from Penn Sta.; 64. Some columns. — DOWN: 1. Tigers, e.g.; 2. Occasion to use a cooking pit; 4. Engine leakage preventer; 5. Washer/dryer unit; 7. Field fare, briefly; 9. Parker who was one of the original faces at Facebook; 10. Chicken feed; 12. One reading signs; 18. Player’s job; 19. Dreamer’s activity; 24. Old ___ (Civil War eagle mascot); 26. Counselor-___; 27. French sister; 29. Weight factors; 31. Quaint complaint; 32. With ___ of thousands; 34. Straw source; 35. Maker of calls; 41. Off; 42. What a guru might be called; 43. Showing some polish?; 48. Provider of material for some wreaths; 50. One going to school?; 51. Mid-century year; 52. “I wasn’t expecting you!” lead-in; 53. Unlucky strike?; 55. Doesn’t decline, with “in”; 56. Prefix with -morph; 57. Bygone theaters; 59. Move it.

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