07.30.11 — Stumper


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Standard Saturday stumper…

Across — 1. Another name for hardtack, SHIP BISCUIT; 12. Do Not Call Registry org., FTC; 15. Often-retractable car part, AUTO ANTENNA; 16. Can of Prince Albert?, LOO; 17. Selfish, SMALL-MINDED; 18. Acknowledge, OWN; 19. Something seen on a pad, HELICOPTER; 20. Italian bread, PANE; 21. Two teaspoons, e.g., DOSE; 22. Recover from a nap, STRETCH; 24. Lilac or rose, SCENT; 26. Nickname popularized by a New York Morning Telegraph sportswriter in the 1920s, with “the”, BIG APPLE; 27. Adamantine, STONY; 28. Name that means “princess” in Hebrew, SARAH; 29. What “the lowing herd wind slowly o’er” in a Thomas Gray poem, LEA; 30. Like cranberries, TART; 31. Detective work, CASES; 32. Determine the age of, in a way, CARD; 33. Hieroglyphic symbol, EYE; 34. Legally binding, VALID; 35. They make up a chapter, MONKS; 36. Medicated lozenge, PASTILLE; 38. Rolling landscape features, VALES; 39. Source of most of the names in “The Lion King”, SWAHILI; 40. Italian seaport that’s home to Saint Nicholas’s relics; BARI; 41. “I wasn’t expecting that!”, OH MY; 42. Chats at a high-school reunion, maybe, REMINISCES; 47. Wee drink, NIP; 48. Earlier, SOME TIME AGO; 49. Unkindly, ILL; 50. Site of the War of 1812 Museum, PLATTSBURGH; 51. Ball point?, TEE; 52. Spot treatment?, FLEA SHAMPOO.

Down — 1. Part of a legionnaire’s costume, SASH; 2. Fox News political commentator, HUME; 3. Proofreading abbr., ITAL; 4. Something to clean one’s teeth with, maybe, POLIDENT; 5. Common condo feature, BALCONY; 6. Central, INMOST; 7. Mushroom stem, STIPE; 8. Flying Eagle, for one, CENT; 9. Regrettable, as consequences, UNDESIRED; 10. It’s hard to get a reaction out of it, INERT GAS; 11. Smidge, TAD; 12. Aircraft that doesn’t need a runway, FLOAT PLANE; 13. Officials who may issue licenses, TOWN CLERKS; 14. TV family that popularized the term “parental unit”, CONEHEAD; 20. Animation, PEP; 23. Cry that’s often tripled, RAH; 24. “Sit yourself down”, STAY AWHILE; 25. What a stratigraphist might take, CORE SAMPLE; 26. “Goin’ to Chicago Blues” songwriter, BASIE; 27. Picks up the pace, STEPS ON IT; 28. Lending “lady”, SALLIE MAE; 31. See who’s there, say, CALL ROLL; 32. Big sports venue, COLISEUM; 34. The first manned Apollo mission, VII; 35. Guatemala’s national instrument, MARIMBA; 37. Word used three times in the first four lines of the Lord’s Prayer, THY; 38. Beat it, VANISH; 40. Towlines are tied around them, BITTS; 43. Self-referential, informally, META; 44. Find fault to a fault, CARP; 45. Brand with Toaster Swirlz, EGGO; 46. Loft-y place?, SOHO; 48. No. on a bottle, maybe, SPF.


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