07.25.11 — A Little Something Extra

Monday, July 25, 2011

Puzzle by Nina Rulon-Miller / Edited by Will Shortz

ORANGE SLICE (17A. Whiskey sour garnish), PICKLED ONION (27A. Gibson garnish), PIMENTO OLIVE (47A. Martini garnish) and CELERY STICK (62A. Bloody Mary garnish) constitute the interrelated group of this dizzy little hung-over Monday crossword.

Other — AFFILIATE, I MEANT IT (40D. “That wasn‘t an empty threat!”), MINCE PIE, PRIMROSES, SLURRED (45D. Couldn’t shpeak shtraight [hic]?), SORE LOSER, SPLIT ENDS (32D. Hair woe).

Mid-size — ALIASES, ATELIER (21D. Artist‘s studio), AT STAKE, DOGCART (20A. Horse-drawn vehicle often mentioned in Sherlock Holmes stories), HOODLUM, LEONARD, NIACIN (49D. B vitamin), RAIN HAT (58A. Shower cap?), SPEEDO and SPREAD, WRITER.

Five-letter — ACADS, Take out for A SPIN, ATOMS, EMERY, FACET, INURE, MINEO (66A. Actor Sal), NOMAD, OSAGE (3D. Missouri river or tribe), RHINE (54D. German river whose valley is known for wine), ROSIE, STETS, TOROS, TULIP.

Short stuff — ALI, ARF, AROD, ASA and ASAP, ASH, CUL-de-sac, DDE, DICT, DOLL, DOT, EON, ERA of Good Feelings, ERIC, ESSO, FOE, FRA, “HEAR no evil …”, IAMS and ISMS, INA and INS, I SAY, old chap!“, LIDO, LON, MLS, MOP, NARY, OHMS, OPUS, OSS, RENO, REV, SEE no evil …”, SEGA Genesis, TKOS, TROI.

“I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it." ~ Rodney Dangerfield


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Parts of molecules; 6. Schools for cadets: Abbr.; 11. Tip of a Tiparillo, e.g.; 14. Funnywoman O’Donnell; 15. Flower from Holland; 16. Enemy; 19. Robert Browning’s “___ Lippo Lippi”; 24. Pet food brand; 26. Raggedy Ann, e.g.; 31. Take out for ___ (test-drive); 34. Old U.S. gas brand with a tiger symbol; 35. Quiet ___ mouse; 36. Mayo or cream cheese; 38. Journalist, e.g.; 41. Heavyweight champ after Liston; 42. Resistance units; 46. Kind of board at a nail salon; 51. U.S.S. Enterprise counselor; 52. Musical work; 53. Sound at a kennel; 56. Conductor Bernstein; 61. ___ and outs; 64. Prez before J.F.K.; 65. Accustom; 67. C.I.A. forerunner; 68. Wanderer; 69. Opposite of deletes, in typesetting. — DOWN: 1. Nickname of a Yankee with a $275 million contract; 2. Bulls in bullfights; 4. Popular Christmas dessert; 5. ___ Genesis (old video game console); 6. Being risked; 7. ___-de-sac (dead-end street); 8. Noms de plume; 9. Webster’s, e.g.: Abbr.; 10. Big name in small swimwear; 11. Station that’s part of a TV network; 12. Sour grapes type; 18. Attorney General Holder; 22. Actor Chaney; 25. Org. with the New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy; 28. Once ___ lifetime; 20. ___ Jones Industrials; 30. Not any; 31. P.D.Q.; 33. Flowers on a proverbial path; 37. .; 39. Title for Mike Huckabee: Abbr.; 43. Gangster; 44. Swab, as a floor; 48. Long time; 55. Side of a diamond; 56. Adriatic resort near Venice; 57. Nevada city near Lake Tahoe; 59. Beliefs; 60. Bout enders, for short.

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