07.22.11 — Small Fry Day

W. W. Denslow's depiction of Munchkins,
from the first edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Friday, July 22, 2011

Puzzle by Todd McClary / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. California river, county or mountain, SHASTA; 7. Vegas Strip hotel, MGM GRAND; 15. Spirits, LIQUOR; 16. Redolent, AROMATIC; 17. “Well, perhaps …”; I GUESS; 18. Business card info, JOB TITLE; 19. Waste of an election?, CHADS; 20. Cuts (down), MOWS; 21. Persuade, SELL; 22. “Look!,” in Latin, ECCE; 23. Manipulate data, SORT; 24. Championship game, FINAL; 25. AHA moment; 26. Peewee, MUNCHKIN; 28. 2003 movie involving Christmas Eve robberies, BAD SANTA; 30. Come back again, RE-ECHO; 34. Depend upon, as a decision, LIE WITH; 35. It’s signaled with a white flag, LAST LAP; 36. Counterfeit, ERSATZ; 37. Peewee, PINT SIZE; 38. Co-writer of Michael Jackson’s posthumous hit “This Is It”, PAUL ANKA; 40. Pizza option, PAN; 41. “Your Precious Love” duet singer Terrell, TAMMI; 44. Charge, ONUS; 45. What you might be rushed to get out of?, DORM; 46. Concerning, IN RE; 47. Colon, e.g., DOTS; 48. LYNDA Bird, daughter of L.B.J.; 49. Natural, LIFE-LIKE; 51. Office attachment, POST IT; 52. It often includes a colon, EMOTICON; 53. Select as a successor, ANOINT; 54. R-rated element, SEX SCENE; 55. Card table error, RENEGE.

Down — 1. Like deli meats, SLICEABLE; 2. Small diner location?, HIGH CHAIR; 3. Pool exhibitions, AQUACADES; 4. It’s blue in an old song, SUEDE; 5. Trash, TOSS; 6. “ARS Grammatica” (classic work on Latin); 7. Island where Rafael Nadal was born, MAJORCA; 8. Development, GROWTH; 9. Packs, MOBS; 10. Setting for BBC reports, in brief, GMT; 11. Movie box set?, RAISINETS; 12. “Tuesday AT TEN” (Count Basie tune); 13. Nabisco brand, NILLA; 14. Big battery type, D CELL; 20. The “1” in ½, e.g.; MONTH; 23. He wrote “All war is deception”, SUN TZU; 24. FIESTA Bowl; 26. Umbrella holder, perhaps, MAI TAI; 27. Family in John Grisham’s “Skipping Christmas”, KRANKS; 29. Bargain hunters’ events, SWAP MEETS; 31. Hassle-free fashion item, CLIP-ON TIE; 32. Gambling, HAZARDING; 33. Filming process for multiple aspect ratios, OPEN MATTE; 37. Procter & Gamble hair-care line, PANTENE; 39. Watch, LOOK ON; 41. Patio pieces, TILES; 42. Style on Japanese screens, ANIME; 43. “Fantastic” figure of children’s lit, MR FOX; 45. James who invented the Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner, DYSON; 47. Gambling aids, DICE; 48. Single, LONE; 50. D.M.V. issue, LIC; 51. Course objective, PAR.


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